HP23 high average CPU utilisation?

I noticed that when HP23 has been running for a few days, the average CPU utilisation creeps up to 35% in idle mode, with periodic spikes up to 85% which seems quite high for the new hardware. When I reboot, this drops to a much more reasonable 5-10% idle with spikes up to 60% and it stays like that for a while (see screenshot). So something seems to be consuming 25% CPU continuously.

Reboot at yellow line:

I have about 60 Zigbee devices, mainly Aqara sensors, generic bulbs and Tuya Plugs. I’m using a limited number of advanced flows (about 20), and none of them very complex. I also tried to rule out flows and Apps but with no luck. Checked Insights for each App CPU + Mem utilisation, and nothing really stood out. Worth to note that there does not seem to be a direct relation with how busy the network is, I see the same pattern during the night.

Before I open a case with Athom: does anyone else recognise this behavior?

BTW: Would also like to see the periodic peaks explained, but that’s for another thread. :slight_smile:
Is there any way we can get detailed (debug) logging as end users?

[Update] After 4 days of a low baseline, last night around 23:30 the average CPU utilisation suddenly went up with 25% again Rebooted Homey to solve it.

This is just normal, a processor will always run 100% until all the tasks are done, you don’t see that in this picture be course it is happening so fast (milliseconds), what you see is an average over a time.

Same here and homey becomes really slow with the high cpu utilization, it even doesn’t want to switch lights anymore or it takes a good few second dor them to come on.

If it was only for a few milliseconds than its not a problem but mine does the same up to 100% cpu utilization for a few seconds/minutes.

You can check the cpu use of your individual apps in insights.
Maybe it’s an app causing the issues

Cool hopefully the peaks get resolved soon!

But does anyone else also see the increased baseline idle load (35% instead of 10%) after a while?

FYI: I also opened a support ticket a few weeks ago about the hight CPU peak every 2h, and they told me the devs are aware of the issue, but no timelines on when this might get resolved. Very disappointing! :frowning:

I am wondering if this is limited to people with for example many zigbee devices as in my case (55 devices), or does it also affect light users or mainly zwave networks?