Mysterious peaks in CPU

I’m noticing some mysterious peaks in CPU load.
Every 2 hours there is this bump:

I have tried cross referencing it with all individual app cpu usages but no match.
I also checked all my flows for anything scheduled every 2 hours, no luck.

I’m out of options to trace what is happening here.

Any good idea to look deeper into what is happening would be highly appreciated.




Athom is aware about that but not commenting back on what is causing that, I would suggest to raise support ticket. Either they do not know or they know but can’t fix it - otherwise I can explain, why it takes so long to address it.

Please do.

Ou, sorry, I can = I can’t :wink:

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Indeed recommended to create a support case with Athom.

I really don’t understand why there has been absolutely no progress at all in all those months. I am still experiencing the same issues reported 2 months ago (CPU peaks every 2h + sudden high average CPU every few days). :frowning:

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Looks a lot better since I installed the latest v10.3.0-rc.12 update yesterday:



  • Adds optimisations that reduce the amount of data written to persistent storage.
  • Updates translations.


  • Fixes an issue where Zigbee would stop working when Thread started.

Not sure how this issue went unnoticed by Athom for so long, if it was caused by excessive writes? It was already mentioned here: [Modding][HowTo] Investigating Homey’s eMMC wear estimation - #20 by Sharkys

[UPDATE 11/02] Today the high average CPU utilisation unfortunately returned after 4 days. tries restarting some apps but that did not help, a reboot did resolve it for now… :frowning:

[UPDATE 16/02] Fortunately after the restart last time the high CPU usage did not return yet so overall it still looks promising.

Not enough people with more advanced access/knowledge reported the issue so it would raise enough attention. :frowning:

Well, this should have been noticed by Athom engineers immediately after they started troubleshooting the high CPU issue, right? A quick look at cpu/disk stats? :grin:

Anyway, glad this annoying bug seems to be solved now!

Well, for some users, like you, the CPU drop is significant - but others, like me - no drop :wink: Sometimes it’s not so easy as it looks like, it’s still quite “living organism” that Homey 2023 :wink:

Dramatic improvement here after going to 10.3.0-rc.12

Average CPU load down from +40% to less than 20%
Overall system responsiveness very good (at the moment…)

PS. The ‘dead’ line on february 11th is a strange crash while I was away from home.