CPU load

My CPU load graph looks like this:

I didn’t find any suspicious individual apps though. All have low single-digit cpu loads. And when I would sum them up it would still be a far reach from the peaks I’m seeing in my overall CPU load.

Is this normal behavior? If not, how can I figure out what is causing this load? Also the developer portal isn’t off much use. “App performance” shows flatline 0% all the time

It’s not, Athom is aware but not really addressing or explaining, what would be the root cause…

@Takie Same here, 60 zigbee devices. Do you have many (Zigbee) devices on your HP23?

Please also create a support case with Athom so they know that many people are affected!

I actually have zero direct zigbee devices connected to my HP23. Only via the Philips Hue hub.
Now on wifi, will try on ethernet one of the next days. Who knows maybe that’s causing the high load.

Hmmm, it’s just over 50% every now and then. Not an issue imho (correct me if I’m wrong here). But I can imagine one wants to know the cause.
These are my 10 year old NUC cpu’s 24/7 :grimacing:
Screenshot from 2024-01-12 14-16-57

Not really clear on the screenshot, but the peaks go up into the high 70s.

I’m new to Homey and only have a small amount of apps, devices and flows setup. Planning to add a lot more, so for sure this can become a big problem. Also I would very much like to know where all the load is coming from.

Yeah I fully get that

And true that, the insights graphs suck at displaying peaks

Here it is overlayed with all my apps:

I’m concerned personally about CPU peaks just because of the temperatures, as it’s connected… after all, those peaks shall not represent anything wrong but still - strange that nobody knows because then nobody might be seeing potential problem behind :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s clearly homey core… (homey-pro container, better to say)

Yeah it’s a bit odd the manufacturer does not know the cause :face_with_peeking_eye:

Since the latest RC its even worse😇 before it was occasionally but now its all the time (i am in contact with athom about it btw)

same here, like to hear what answer you get from Athom.


Bij mij op v10.2.1 lijkt het nu ook prima te zijn: