Please explain this pattern in System CPU load

Happy new user here. I have noticed this repeating system CPU load pattern on my HP23 (10.0.0-rc.110):

As seen in the screenshot from Insights, every other hour the load increases to around 50% for 10-15 minutes. Anyone knows what may cause this? Is this load pattern normal on the HP23?

I have checked the CPU usage history for all my apps in Insights, but none of them seems to go over 1% at any point.

It might be depending on multiple factors, smart home size, apps, devices etc…

Anyway, odd is that I have some peaks as well (1min,5min and 15min average), since the beginning…


If you have mostly Advanced flows, you might analyse what flows is doing implementing Simplelog logging… [APP][Pro] Simple (Sys) LOG - Use this app for Simple (Sys) Logging - the script unfortunately does support only Advanced flows currently.

Thank you for your input on this.

I will definitely look into Simple Sys Log app. Coming from a couple of years developing flows in Microsoft Power Automate, I only make Advanced Flows on my Homey. So much faster and more efficient to create and maintain compared to the basic flows. :slight_smile:

Actually, I was thinking of disabling all my flows for a couple of hours just to see if that has any effect on the mentioned system load. And after that, perhaps try the same with all the installed apps. :thinking:

It does support normal flows now also, btw :slight_smile:


New Homey Pro owner here as well, and I see similar patterns in the CPU load of mine, even overnight when there is virtually no demand on the Homey. I do have one flow that does a single variable check every 5 minutes and that matches the <10% load pattern but have found nothing that explains the peaks. Top chart is CPU, bottom chart is all of the apps. Interested in hearing what you learn in your own investigation.

RRDtool consolidation?

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It seems to be a lot of resources just for logging every second hour? But it could certainly be some sort of system job…

By the way, is there a way to tag someone from Athom in this thread to get their opinion on this?

It looks like consolidation is done continuously, so it won’t be that.

No, not really. But you can open a support ticket (Link).

I have registered a support ticket to Athom regarding this issue. Will post any updates here.


Also wondering about these every other hour CPU loads?

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The only response I have received from Athom support so far is that they have shared my feedback with their development team, so they can have a look at it.

I have tried logging in to my HP23 using the SSH Sandbox, but as expected, those processes are not visible in the sandbox environment.

Guess we will have to wait and see if this is an issue, and if it will be resolved by Athom.

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Just pls. tell them, there is more of us observing more or less the same…



I think we all have. But what it is?

Some apps have also ‘strange’ behavior. Maybe it is also related to apps?

I did also just create a ticket regarding these spikes, but I’m also seeing some strange behavior with the CPU Clock that occurs once every 24 hours. At this point everything as for instance flows will be very sluggish, but still finalized.

I have registered a support ticket with Athom and included a link to this thread. Hopefully, someone from the development team will chime in.

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I came home at about 13:00.
Some flows were not triggered properly, and I guss the Homey was ‘busy’ with other stuff.

Started investigating since my HP2023 loses communication all the time, zigbee devices are not responding (or very slow), and Zwave generates errors.

I see a huge similarity, every 2 hours (not exact). Reported to Athom.

Also I have no flows that act every two hours.


Anyone with Beta firmware to verify what changed?


  • Fixed an issue that caused increased CPU load.

Don’t observe any difference…

I wonder if anyone has submitted anything yet to Athom ?