Homey Pro Apps / Technologies / Matter ( ! missing ! )

Hello! New to Homey Pro and super excited about this platform.
I am building a new smart home, and want to have one “ecosystem” only : Matter over Thread.

Looking at Homey Pro Apps, under Technologies…
MATTER isnt listed!!

Q: Why?
Q: When will it be?
I thought the whole point of Homey Pro is that people with existing Zigbee and ZWave ecosystems, could use Homey to slowly migrate out of those ecosystems by transitioning to Matter over Thread devices?

Honestly, I cant even find a decent Matter over Thread dimmer light sqitch now!
Q: How do I start a smart home from zero, with a Homey Pro, and only use Matter over Thread products and apps?
I cant even find a comprehensive list.
Im not interested in Matter over WiFi, or having the decision between Thread and WiFI made for me.
I just want to build a future proof Matter over Thread only smart home, no future transitions, no WiFi, just a pure single system.

Because Matter don’t need a Homey app :blush:
Please, first take a look at the Knowledge base @ support.homey.app before yelling here :crazy_face:

OK THANK YOU!!! :rofl:

So Matter doesnt need a homey app, I get that, Matter is above needing an app. and figures out all of the devices capabilities on its own and lists them in your Homey “portal”
But, why isnt Matter listed under Apps / Technologies, since its more like hardware is listed / showcased. Its good for bussiness, and it helps newbies like me build a system.

Maybe Homey will never list Devices that are Matter on Thread?!

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Well, the information is not everywhere up-to-date I guess.
Yes I do agree they could have mentioned it @ app store.

It’s best to inform Athom support Support | Homey about what info you expected to find where, and how they can improve the information from your experience.

Officially they don’t read the posts here at the user forum :smirk:

ok thanks Peter,
I sort of figured I was either asking for something that was too early to ask for - or didnt need to exsit…
I would think that product manufacturers would want an app anyway just so they could have a semi branded experience within the Homey phone app or online portal but I dont have a Homey Pro yet so idk if that would even be a thing

Apps don’t have access to Matter, so that would be pointless.

Thanks for the education Mr Klep !

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

To make sure you are aware of the forum rules, please read the Welcome to the forum! post here.

Please use the search here Search results for 'Matter thread app order:latest' - Homey Community Forum


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Fair, but the TS missed the info at the app store. Not everyone is familiar with the forum probably.

I think it’s a small effort for Athom to add an entry for Matter @ app store, like:

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Ok, but still, that was the discussion from Tony_Deane_UK also:

So please complain at Athom support, We can’t change it.

I Like for the Community to think in solutions,
therefore the two list That I created to bridge the gap with info in Support.homey.app and the Appstore.

And Sorry, But I really see no reason not to search a platform like the Community before posting, If that was the intention (not to search) we would have created a Shoutbox…

Inform Athom from what you are missing on information, they can create better support topics for that.

Athom already changed something in the Appstore:

I’m sure you’re aware but Matter support in every controller is very much beta and in progress. Likewise some devices are still in early testing and thread border routers whilst fairly good currently and standalone still have interoperability issues. Any controller manufacture promoting Matter / thread as a viable offering is just asking for unhappy customers citing that claim.

You are pioneering in Matter/thread intentions and the components you’re using just aren’t reliable yet. You’ll be very much pioneering in this technology and I think we’re well over a year still before things become well behaved. Up until then it’ll be a frustrating building block.

Having said that I really want rid of my ZigBee and Z-Wave devices as they are troublesome here too, but the alternative is going to be worse at the moment. I currently prefer IP (WiFi) wherever possible currently as my home coverage is solid on that.

Matter will get there I’m convinced and help and feedback from early adopters like yourself will speed that process.

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BRILLIANT!! This would clear up alot of confusion around this new technology!!! :heart_eyes:

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Some people dont know what to search for.
Personally I would have zero clue to search about whether or not Matter needs apps.
Im fairly tech savvy - and enjoy the hobby - but I dont have tins of hours to dig through posts either and connect dots and find nuggest.
At this early stage, and to promote adoption - it would be helpful to make these basic principles around Matter extremely obvious in places like this & the App library.

Another topic comes to mind that likely seems obvious to the connumity : Matter over THread vs WiFi - When purchasing a physical product : How to tell if it has one or the other or both?!
*Most products I see dont list it in specs - some to cary the “Thread” logo on the box or site but not always.

As usual, THANK YOU for the education and I enjoy learning from your insights




both linking to