Upgrade the "old" Homey Pro to Matter

I can’t imagine Athom will not upgrade the previous version of Homey Pro to Matter.
Samsung smart things Hub and Philips hue Hub will be upgrated.
Those are big palyers.
Does Athom play in the same division?
I would be really dispointed if Athom can’t give us a solution to use Matter with our actual Homey Pro.
As owner of a Homey Pro, what do you think?
Do you want to invest soo much money for the new Homey pro, only for the Matter Protocol ?

Thread is never going to happen on the “old” Homey Pro, Matter could happen but why would Athom take away an incentive for you to buy the new Homey Pro?


Well, for me, I have some other questions. Do I need Matter now? It’s still not much more than a specification right now, it needs time to get some traction. Will I loose functionality in the next few years if I don’t get Matter now? Not really, my home automation will keep functioning. Will not getting Matter support stop me from extending my home automation? Well, no, I don’t think so, the peripherals I buy are mainly Zigbee and Z-wave, that will still function, only when I’d like to integrate with other systems Matter comes in handy.

So, No I don’t want to spend so much money to get Matter support. I did spend that amount of money because I get better Z-wave and Zigbee, better cpu, ram and storage. Getting Matter is just an extra to me which will not be usefull untill some years probably.