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Will homey support Matter?

I just saw this: Smart home networking standard Project CHIP rebrands as 'Matter' | Engadget

I would love it if my homey would also support this. Is athom putting effort in supporting Matter?

(is it just a matter of time? :smiley: :smiley: )

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Maybe in 2028! Let’s first see which devices/products will be developed for Matter…
And it’s just a fancier name for Zigbee with more communication between other protocols, so actually Homey IS Matter

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We don’t even know what it exactly is… I would assume current Zigbee is up-gradable to Matter, but I haven’t seen any details.

I’d say 2028 is a fair year :wink:

Seems to be an IP based protocol… it’s over my head… that’s for sure…

“Do you have an online harddrive, to use as extra storage?”
No, but we do have someting way better: cloud storage!

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Chip and also Thread have been forecasted to be the future for home automation. All the big giants are behind it.

Zigbee won’t disappear quickly but if I was going to spend a lot of money setting up a new house and these newer devices are the same price I’d be buying those instead…

I personally don’t bother with Zigbee. I just use Wifi and 433Mhz gear … Far easier. Far cheaper. Far more reliable…

Wouldn’t count on it.

Manufacturers implementation of Zigbee has been a mess as it is. Id highly doubt they would go to the effort of upgrading existing products and all their firmware, let alone older products. Plus some chipsets may not have enough memory to allow for the extra code required.

Knowing corporations they would be more inclined to make you throw all your Zigbee gear away and buy new ones…

Door Apple, Google en Amazon gesteunde smarthomestandaard gaat Matter heten

As I read it, the Hue hub will support Matter. Zigbee is not IP based, so Zigbee in itself is not.

So it is indeed a bit like Homey I presume, but also quite the opposite. Homey strategy I believe is to do away with the hubs of others (which is a nice Utopia to strive for, but an Utopia all the same).

Matter seems like a way to have a gazillion hubs all talk to one another over IP. At least that is what I got out of it. But I may be wrong.

I think the “masterhub” will be something like Apple HomeKit or Google Home in which you can control all Matter-devices.

The beauty of z-wave and Zigbee is that they form a separate network i.m.o.
So haking my lightbulb will not mean the hacker can zee my normal network traffic. Most users won’t know how to create a dedicated IOT lan, kept safe from the rest. But at some point IP traffic will come into play, so Whatever Matter is, it will probably make things better if it is widely adopted.

Founder and Head of Technology at Philips Hue, George Yianni says:

Bulbs will stay on Zigbee but be exposed to matter via the hue bridge.

So, Matter is kinda what Homey does.

Homey (by itself) doesn’t really expose anything to potential “consumer” devices, so it would benefit from implementing Matter as a way to enable that exposure.

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It’s probably just for the simple stuff (at least for now). For people that want to know if one product can talk to another. When they are shopping for lights, a socket or a switch. But for the advanced stuff, like with Homey or Fibaro, you’ll still need a central controller with dedicated brains. Homey can be opened up to Matter of course, which would expand the compatibility and user base. If they’d need a hardware improvement is unknown.

Sure, I meant it in its essence, combining several protocols that by themselves can’t communicate with each other.

Hmm okay, I see your point.

To me, Matter is something completely different. It sounds (I haven’t really looked into it) mostly like an interoperability standard. So instead of needing different apps to implement Homey support for devices that each require their own API/access implementation, a “Matter” app could interact with all other devices that speak that same protocol.

And the opposite would also apply: Homey could expose all of its devices (like Zigbee/Z-Wave) using the protocol, instead of needing separate implementations for Google Home, Alexa or Homekit (provided that Google, Amazon and Apple would implement Matter in their devices as well).

Similar to what the Homie convention is trying to do.

Matter is a cloudless system likes homey.

Off topic, but I would not label Homey cloudless. It may partially work without internet for a while, but it is far from cloud independent.


The homey app on iPad works direct connected to homey. You can test it when you disconnect internet from your WIFI router

It will work up to a point, after that Homey will be marked “offline” and the app requires an internet connection to be able to access Homey again. Also, the web app is hosted in the cloud, so if your internet connection is gone you don’t have access to Insights and Homeyscript.

Ok that right. But homey processes keeps running after disconnect internet. So you keep your home under control and this point is for me more important than the cloud controlled system.