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Will homey support Matter?

This is all very interesting. I wasn’t actually aware of “Matter” until reading this thread.

It looks like it was only announced not very long ago. From googling around its been very hard to get a true insight of its inner workings and implementation…

The new things that I’ve learned though are …

Zigbee is now called CSA

CHIP is now called “Matter”

CSA is a big force behind the creation of “Matter”

Makes your head spin eh. 😵‍💫

All the copy and pasted press releases I found don’t really say much on it or give a proper nuts and bolts explanation of its true workings. Though it sounds very promising, is also very vague at this point…

From what I could gather from reading the press releases it sound like my initial assumptions were correct. It sounds like they have essentially killed Zigbee as we know it. All your hubs and all your devices have basically been set to “obsolete” (ironically from the same people who created it in the first place) …

I couldn’t find any mention of the new standard using the Zigbee RF protocols. They just mention it using WiFi and Bluetooth protocols (for pairing purposes)… From what I can see just requires a router that’s “Matter” compatible… As you mentioned before this new standard is IP based so id say an Ethernet based router is the only thing that’s going to manage it centrally…

What ever the future might entail for this new standard I’d say if you own Zigbee equipment right now or if you buy a Zigbee hub or Zigbee device this year there would be be zero chance you can simply just do a firmware update to keep your gear future proof.

They have basically abandoned Zigbee from what I can see.

The standard that was originally meant to “unify” IOT devices ., They have now replaced it with a system that “unifies’ all devices. :crazy_face:. It’s a script to a bad movie … hehe

Luckily I’ve never invested any of my money in overpriced Zigbee gear. It’s nothing but a pain from what I’ve seen from other people in numerous threads and comments on the internet… Even Athom have had a hard time trying to deal with it as the standard is an utter mess…

My own view is WiFi just works…

They got the “wheel” so to speak. A long running, work hardened and proven standard. They then changed it to a weak assed version of it. They then made the pairing system for more complicated. Nothing in the standard really talks to each other like it was meant to. The hardware or software isn’t standardised (like it should be), the hardware costs more to buy (as its all proprietary) and you have to buy and add multiple physical hubs to get your system to work if you have different devices from different manufacturers.

Bye bye …glad to see this “con” job has finally had its day …

Phillips Hue gear was probably the biggest con job of them all…

Just to clarify:
1, Matter is based on same PHY/MAC Layer as BLE, WiFi and Zigbee
2, the Network/Transport layer is Thread based, 6LowPAN solution (IP6 based, Like Zigbee Pro since 2015 and BLE over IP) which means it will be much more easy to implement in at layer not just wireless but also wired systems.
3, Thread and Matter don’t need extra hub, it uses Edge Routers. It is not centralized points of exit like any “dual protocol” equipment in the system.

For automation You will need an “automation center”, like Homey (yet, but I can see the opportunity to have something similar like KNX “distributed intelligence solution.”), but if this will be the “Universal language of IoT galaxy”, then it will be much easier to control them.
Yeah, there is a lot of ifs, but so much “lobbi power” are behind Metter, that we can not just ignore it.
And no, 2028 is too late to jump on this train.
(especially when the first smartphone will come out with Matter (Samsung or Apple will be the first? Or Xiaomi?)


I think Matter requires or certainly leverages Thread and ZigBee chipsets that support Thread are only the newest ones. This chipset hardware support is required. I don’t believe that Homey includes this chipset.

I really strongly hope Homey includes itself into the Matter universe!
I use Homey for two purposes:

  • getting none-Homekit-devices into HomeKit
  • being able to easily and seamlessly program automations and monitor my smart home across all the devices I use.
    Since Matter is not a communications standard but an interoperability standard (as far as I have understood) the first point may be obsolete in the future.
    But as of today Homey gives me the best programming option I know for the purpose of smart home. I do not want to loose that. And I fear that if Athom does not ram their stake into the matter-ground, some other smart brains will be there to compete and possibly will kick Homey out of the market.
    That would be very sad, not at least because we all would need to reprogram our automations from scratch.

I doubt that Homey will work as a „controller“ within the matter universe. That probably stays with the big founders like Amazon, Apple, Google, SmartThings etc. It could work as a bridge – as it does for HomeKit Users already. But the automation part will be on the other hand, I assume. See here (Google translation): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://matter-smarthome.de/

I totaly agree! (I’m using my homey for exactly those purposes :slight_smile: )

But will Homey support (thread or Matters)? when the stand is fully deployed?

You should ask Athom: support@athom.com

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There seems to be a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about this fairly major change and all of it’s implications. I still don’t quite fully understand it myself.

What would be really great is if Athom could release a statement on how Homey is going to fit in with this rather than all of us just bouncing our heads around…

Will it require a proprietary chip ? … eg do we have to throw our current Homey’s away .

Can just a software upgrade to existing Homey hardware handle it ?

If a software upgrade is possible will it put too much burden on the CPU or max out memory storage in which we will have to throw our Homeys away anyway.

Will this new standard require Athom to pay licensing. ? If so will Athom’s business model be able to fund the fee’s that might be required…

Would be great if they could post something in the “Announcement” section of their own website :smiley:

This seems to be a big concern for their user base… Are you there Athom ???

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Athom doesn’t officially read these forums and thus I don’t think they’ll reply inside this topic. Besides that, I don’t think at this stage it is possible to release a formal statement in if they’re going to support it. I can’t imagine this being something what changes over the first couple of years. Even if Homey isn’t going to do anything with Matter, i’m not going to rip and replace everything in my household.


What I would want is that Homey would:

  1. Enable support for Matter devices
  2. Cooperate with the producers to be able to push the update to updatable devices.

For some reason, big companies don’t seem to mind too much about my personal preferences, so I’ll wait and see :rofl:

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That will take a while. At the moment there are almost no Matter devices.

The problem isn’t Homey. The manufacturers do not allow this and want to sell their own bridges. With the Hue Bridge, you can only update Hue lights and not those from Innr.

OTA is part of the Zigbee standard, the main challenge is finding the firmware files. Once you have those, deCONZ and zigbee2mqtt will happily update the firmware for supported devices.

Eeeh no. That is totally not true, not to say DEAD WROOOONG!
Matter is NOT Zigbee, never was and thank God - never will be - and therefore not Homey.
Matter really is the only standard where latency doesn’t go through the roof when you’re adding more and more devices (yes, I’m aware of it’s been told that for Zigbee this should be the same but there are enough tests to be reviewed that proof this is not the case).

This video explains it pretty well :thinking:

It’s the Zigbee alliance, not the Zigbee protocol :wink:

Yeah but it’s just them who are coordinating the project but the protocol is thankfully not related to Zigbee.

You sound like the Athom marketing dept. :upside_down_face:

How did you test that?

Stupid question it is; why should I?
Did you invent the wheel bevor driving a Porsche?
I didn’t have to. Technical Engineers did that already. (It’s their job, don’t you know?) Results and sources can be found in the video that I posted.
As this is the biggest collaboration of the BIG5 on a common standard since Sony/Philips created the optical SPDIF ages I would’ve expected a bit of a better preparation of you in terms of technical knowledge before trolling here again. :shushing_face: