Will homey support Matter?

So you know what homey is and does. You know the limitations of the bridge and are still considering it and you have read this entire thread. What more do you need?


Hi Martin.

I guess I just hoping it would update and get in line with other bridges in 2022 but like you said I already know this play out.

What do you mean by ‘get in line with other bridges’? I really do hope Matter gets supported. Not for me, at the moment at least, but for the company itself. Matter has some very strong stakeholders so hopefully it’ll play out. For now nobody knows what the status on Matter or does know on anything on the roadmap of Athom producs.

I would have thought that designing the Bridge would have been a great opportunity to add more up-to-date hardware to the Homey lineup. Almost all (relatively) recent Zigbee chipsets can be programmed to support Thread (one of the two main transport protocols of Matter), but the CC2530 that both Homey and the Bridge use is so outdated that AFAIK no one is even considering porting a Thread stack to it.

Yup, fully agree with this. I guess this will make more and more users move to other solutions like a few mentioned above. It is very unfortunate that even though there are so many issues with zigbee, even after the complete rewrite, there is no clear path to the solution presented from Athom. Indeed, if they would have updated the chip in the bridge, it would have been a logical step to update the pro too. But nothing like that. As I said, very unfortunate, but one can only hope they know best what users want.

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