Google Nest SDM

Ive done that, as I explained above.

When i save the session, nothing happens, though the log states its authenticated.

Shouldnt the nest legacy tab change so I get a “request” - button?

In my case, my only option is to save session, Even thought its been confirmed.

How do I proceed after saving session?

Nothing happens.

If you go to the first tab and it is green for the Nest legacy status, try add the Nest protects. If it fails,please pm me the log so I can check what the issues is. Thx

What tab?

Ive screenshoted the info-, nest legacy-and the log-tab. Theres nowhere to add anything? Check my screenshots.

Hi there ,

Iam very new to homey platform.
And I don’t have any hardware yet.

I use the cloud version (beta). And test something before I will buy a Homey bridge and maybe a Homey Pro.

When i go to homey app, i see there is a nest application and install that one. I go to my google account and give a checkbox for athome/homey and click continue then I can close the window and nothing happen.
Still asking to log-on.

Is that the reason a Google Nest SDM is making ?
Can I download this SDM and using this ?(need a Homey Pro?).
Don’t see the check box installer.

Sorry for my stupidity, can’t find a answer yet.

Hi Martijn,

Google Nest SDM does not work with Google Cloud, only Pro.

Martin Verbeek

Thnxs for you’re answer, do you know if the Homey bridge Hue sensor can add to Homey?.

I see only lamp / plug.


Update; have the answer

Just noo, another thing I need a pro.

I only know cloud/bridge is really limited at the moment. You might want to check the forum, cause this should already have been asked or tried by someone :grin:

Martin Verbeek

Today i buy a Homey Pro , can’t wait for the new Homey.

I install the HCS applicatie, it’s says succes and close this window. Good now log in on store.homey.communicty/login this works.

Butt I see only the circle color from homey nothing else.
I need the autorisatie code to proceed.

I need to install you’re app SDM google. I don’t understand why this happen ?

Hi Martijn, HCS is not my application, let me check with the developer, but this might be Monday.

Martin Verbeek

Sorry , i ask another questions in other forums inside the community. This is not Google Nest Related.

Can you only let me know if you’re Monday more information about the log-on with HCS ?.

Martin i have succes do everything.
The error to download the authentication code was website error google chrome. After using Edge I successfully can download the application.

Next i use you’re guid and it works flawless.
I add my doorbell,camera,thermos,smoke without a problem.

Many thanks…

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Hi Martin,
tried to install/download the Google Nest SDK for my Homey Pro from this Website (Homey Community Store) but the “Install”-Button is greyed out. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for a hint …

Hello Michael, might be two things…

  1. you are not logged in into your Homey, click the green area upper right and click the Homey icon…might be some trouble using Chrome.
  2. you did not install the hcs under windows/macos, again the green area, click the info button (top of my head), install, then login
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Worked like a charm - you should consider giving this information as a welcome screen of some sort. Just guessing that many others like myself didn’t sort that out and gave up trying … Thanks!

Actually it is in the setup guide😁

Martin Verbeek

Also the HCS is not developed or maintained by me, I just write apps and, like you, am a user of HCS :wink:

Hi Martin, I recently bought the Google Doorbell (battery) and I noticed that one isn’t supported by your app today. Is it “on the backlog” to eventually add that device as well, or should I hope Athom will fix their app (as it doesn’t work properly)

Hi Jesper, where did you see it is not supported? The issue is that not all functions of a wired doorbell will be supported. Pretty sure that all events are supported, it will not show images (not in the Google API) or process known faces (device not in old Nest app).

I am not owning a battery doorbell, but have battery cams running.