Google Nest SDM

Hi, I also miss the image tags

Hi Dominic, will check into it, sounds related to userdata avoidance

@Martin_Verbeek I justed installed 3 wired protects. Followed the instructions and they were all added to Homey.

But I dont see any motion support, should there be?

There sure is a motiondetection triggercard

I see an issue with new added devices, will check it out later today

I’m not seeing that card :thinking:

Motion is dynamically added to the device, and with that the card come available. As just replied, there is an issue in this version , i noticed it with my device as well. Have not come around fixing it…

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I tried to add and remove the devices several times before I posted here, but did not see any motion. I left them now for a couple of hours, and when I checked now I can see the motion tile and flow card :blush: Have not tested them yet

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Found the issue, no need to delete your device motion will be added when the app restarts after the update.

it will be added in the old version when a motion event occurs i guess, with the new version it will be done at init time.


Probably you have seen the last update. It implements motion add at init time, and it will reset motion after 10s, I had multiple instances that the device stayed in motion detected.

Hello Martin.

Just installed the v7.1.2. Great to see that you are still developing this great app.
But i saw a few strange behaviours.

  1. After following the setup steps. i got 5 green text saying everything is setup right. But after app or homey restart I see google nest accound is logged off with the log text: “unhandled rejection at :promise {oautherror…” I need to log back into google nest account on the app and all is okay again. It seems it loses the google nest account.
  2. My nest hello and nest hub max goes from no to yes if it detects motion or a person or sound. It shows by the device tab how long it was ago. But it keeps been triggered with yes. Even also after a app restart.

Got once "getNESTtriggers()403 forbidden

Keep up the great work.

Hi Pieter, could you PM me a big chunk of the log around the auth error?

Nothing really changed around the motion detection, will try to recreate…

@Martin_Verbeek thank you for the support on this app. Here are some observations after the last update.

The motion on the Nest Protects does not work very well for me after the new update. If it detects motion it will be displayed in the app and it resets 10 seconds after. The problem is that it does not report any new motion.

For example in out living room, it will only display motion for 10 seconds when we get home, but will stay inactive even if there is motion all the time. Only if there is no activity for at least 10 minutes it will “reset” and display motion for 10 seconds again if there is any. So most of the time when we are home the protects will display no motion.

I installed the older version 7.1.1 and this works better for me. It will detect motion and it will stay active until 10 minutes after the last detected motion , then it will become inactive and then active again if there is any new motion.

Thanks for your feedback, I will turn it into an option in the device setting as I was seeing devices stay in motion detected all the time in the old version, this was a way to prevent it.

check out 7.1.4 , change behaviour if you want on advanced settings of the device,

Thanks for the quick update, this version works better for me


I tried to configure my Google Nest Protect smoke detector as per your guide.

When I try to log in on the Google authorize-tab in the Google Nest SDM-app, following the steps, before I’ve set up the Nest Legacy, I get this error:

No access to the partner
Could not retrieve information. Contact Bakkedalen 96 attempt 2 to confirm that your account is configured properly. You may need to add the developer’s email address as a home member in the Google Home app settings (translated from Norwegian).

Any ideas what to do? The account used to login to Google Nest, Google Home, Homey and everything i can think of is the same email.

You only need to setup nest Legacy for nest protect only. That should not involve partner connections.

It should be mentioned at the beginning of the app and in the guide as well…

Martin Verbeek

Ok. Maybe I misunderstood.

But now as I follow the steps for the Nest Legacy, I get the confirmation " auth() NEST Legacy Authentication successful", but as I close my browser and open my phone to continue, the Nest Legacy is in the same mode, with the only option to “save session fields”-button and all the data I’ve inserted into the two fields.

Every time I open the app the data in the “Cloud”-tab is still there, even though I’ve tried to remove it multiple times. I’ve deleted the app and installed it again several times, but all the data is still there.

Shouldnt the Nest legacy-tab switch when I open it again, and show the other screen from the guide to “request code” etc.?

Any thoughts?

You’re making things too difficult :sweat_smile:

Just only use the Nest lagcy tab, save session and you should be in business