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Password misery…

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Hi Jurgen, is it possible to add the curtain-motor remote-control in Homey?

You can try if it’s working with cover.


Ok, first i need to get it work in the Tuya app i think?

Greetings, Jasper…

True, first add it to tuya app on your phone.

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Hi I can see my sockets in tuya app, but they are not available in homey app. I have had them in homey but now they have disappeared 091a5f0a-02c2-4cca-b6fc-caac6d0ce28b

Did you update to v5.0.0 recently?
A power cycle could resolve it

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No not yet, i did a recycle and all of a sudden it works again

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What about the power metering capability? I can see the power consumtion in the tuya cloud app but it is not available in Homey. Is this correct? If so, will it be implemented?
Thank you,

You mean the tuya smart app on your phone, not tuya cloud app on Homey I guess.
A.f.a.i.k. the Tuya API does not provide the possibility to add metering functionality. It is in Tuya’s hands, not the developer’s

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@Jonas_Andersson2 Sometimes it reminds me of windows… The reboot miracle🤪

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If everything else fails try rebooting…

Any plans on adding support for dehumidifiers? :smiley:

You can control almost all non-supported (mains powered) Tuya devices by using Tuya Cloud Execute a Scene card in flows.

Diffuser control via Tuya Cloud ‘Execute a Scene’ card

At your phone:
Add the diffuser to the Tuya app.
Create 2 “tap-to-run” scenes inside the Tuya app.

(Deprecated, for Legacy api only:
Now wait for 10 mins :hugs:. This is because Tuya refreshes once in 10 mins. Otherwise you won’t find your fresh created scenes @ your Homey.

At Homey:

  • Go to …More > Apps > Tuya Cloud > Configure App.
    Hit the Refresh Scenes button.
    Restart the Tuya Cloud app.

  • Create a new virtual device*** (app: Virtual Devices); Call it for instance ‘Diffuser’.

  • Create 2 flows for this device.

Example flow:

      1. WHEN Diffuser = OFF,
        repeat the above (at point 1.), but find and pick scene “switch diffuser & led Off”

Now you can control this device with Homey flows!

Added July '23:

Screenvid for adding IR blaster/hub buttons:


→ Now restart Tuya Cloud app



Optional stuff:
When you have a google (nest) mini or compatible, and synced Homey with it, you can yell “Hey google, switch diffuser on”.
This is because your virtual switch appears in Google Home (sometimes after yelling "hey google, synchronise devices)

***)Homey’s native virtual switch can also be used (it appears in Google Home too).
BUT you can’t pick a custom icon for the tile, in Virtual Devices you can…


@Peter_Kawa Good explination!

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YW Jurgen. I already had a Dutch version of it. I use it from time to time with FB Homey groups

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Just spiced it up a little. Perfectionist habit of mine :wink:


Hello @Jurgen_Heine,

Since Homey released the official V5 version I notice that everytime Homey is restarted my tuya dimmer isn’t found anymore. Restarting the app solves the problem.

Any ideas?

And another problem which I never mentioned, but learned to live with (untill now). I have a problem with the dimming range of the dimmer. In the Smartlife app I can dimm from 0 to 100% and backwards, but in Homey it is like the dimming process from 0 to 100% is fitted like 3 times within the 0 to 100% dimming range of Homey. So in Homey I go from 0 to about 33% and the light is really on 100% and after 33% the process starts from the beginning. So in Homey 34% is really like 1% in Smartlife again.

Also any ideas on this?



It has nothing todo with V5, it’s because of a Tuya limitation for discovering devices every once in 10 minutes. Tuya added this limitation and I can’t do anything about it. The problem with dimming is known, I am already looking at this probleem. Somehow there are different dimming ranges for devices. I only have my own devices to test, and the API doesn’t give data to distinguish the devices. I am planning to add device specific settings for the dimming.

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Hey Dennis!

  1. Why would you restart Homey? You only have to restart the apps with issues.
  2. I had similar dim setting issues a while ago, and someone pointed me to the fact Tuya dimvalues 0% to 100% are from 0.01 to 0.31 in Homey.
    Other dimvalues go from 0.01 to 1.00

I never got the idea to drop a Q @ @Jurgen_Heine though🤗
So Jurgen, it sure would be nice if the dimvalues can be altered from 0.01 to 1.00 !
I hope you’ll find the issue one day.

If you need a tuya lightbulb for testing, I can donate and send you one.

Thanx in advance.