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I think the problem will be, that the output of the get-status request is empty for the smoke detectors (type:smoke868).

{“id”:9,“name”:“RM HausWR”,“status”:“no”,“type”:“smoke868”,“favorite”:“no”,“timestamp”:“00:00”,“cameraid”:null,“lowBattery”:“no”,“lastSeen”:“2020-08-18 09:15:34”}


Ok does it fall under kakusensors section?


“kakusensors”: [{“id”:9"status":“no”,“timestamp”:“16:20”}, …

The only command I know is:


{“status”: “ok”, “version”: “3.403”, “request”: {“route”: “” }}

kks = kakusensors


I got an idea but again, dont own a smoke detector so not sure if the status : yes would mean there is smoke.

Fixed in test, please confirm

Hi Jeroen,
is it possible to display 3 decimal places at the water meter with SDKv2

Understand what you mean, I will check it tomorrow.

@Jeroen_Tebbens your absolutely right with “status : yes” if the alarm is activated:

{“id”:5,“name”:“RM Schrank”,“status”:“yes”,“type”:“smoke868”,“favorite”:“no”,“timestamp”:“09:35”,“cameraid”:null,“lowBattery”:“no”,“lastSeen”:“2020-08-19 09:35:14”}


Please, could you implement it :wink:


I own 4 of these, I would love to have these implemented as well :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Code has been changed it will be in version 1.0.3 available as 3 decimals.

Thanks, thats great

Raised a requested here for tracking and development.


yeah, the water consumption is now in 3 decimal places. we can now see consumption per liter. keep up the good work thanks

Yes it’s better now :slight_smile:

Hi Jeroen,

From version 1.01 and higher, switching the heatlink off doesn’t work anymore.
When the flow runs there is a problem with the command to turn the heatlink off.
How can this be solved.

Greetings Anton

Hello, I have an Energylink from HomeWizard. A kWh meter connected to it.
I use the app v1.0.3 beta from Jeroen. How and where can I see my current consumption of power?

Did you pair the Heatlink again?

Huidig vermogen is je gebruik in watt nu.

Sorry. I can not see it

No, do i only have to pair the heatlink again?