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Hi, will there be a new version of the Homewizard app that is compatible with Homey firmware 5.0.0?

Sadly no, not anytime soon. I lack time currently to make the app Homey 5.0.0 compatible.
Current version will work fine with Homey 4.2.0.
The Homewizard app is still a sdkv1 version and needs a lot of work/time which I dont have at this moment (holiday and family). But happy to merge code with someone who is willing to assist with the whole callback/promise conversion.

Hi Jeroen,

I today started converting the app to SDK2, a lot of work indeed.
SDK3 is to much for me right now, but SDK2 works.

For now the development version reads and updates temparature readings.
You can use https://github.com/fwelvering/com.homewizard
on https://developer.athom.com/docs/apps/tutorial-Getting%20Started.html you can read how to use it.

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Very much appreciated, I know it is a lot of work.

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When I get home from leave I will update the beta channel (next weekend).

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I’ve created a lightweight homewizard app only for the devices that are not supported directly on the homey. The heatlink and the energylink. If you want you can check it out:


Maybe you can offer the app through the community app store, github is not my thing;)

It is submitted, but the approval by homey can take a while.

And available in The Community AppStore!

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@ricardovl The one I can find on the community App store is V0.2.8 right, as in not yet compatible with V5.0 right?

or am I missing something?

The one in Homey store is v0.2.8 and not compatible yet with Homey 5.0.0. Development work is underway (credits to Freddie Welvering for making it sdkv2). When that work is done it will be released (within 2 weeks from now).

There is another app by Ricardo which is a light version only supporting Heatlink and Energylink but that is only available via the community store link mentioned above.

The v0.2.8 version also supports the Wattcher, windmeter, rain and temperature sensors.


Beta/test release. A big thanks to Freddie Welvering for all his hard work on SDK2.

Due to big code change for SDK2 you might have to remove/add your Homewizard device in Homey (in the case it gives a red marker in the device).

- Homewizard (Confirmed working: scenes, Home, Away, Sleep, Vacation)
- Energylink (Confirmed working: All usage, gas, energy, meters (count), solar production, water usage)
- Heatlink (Confirmed working: Adjust thermostat, room temperature)
- Windmeter (code change done, needs testing)
- Rainmeter (code change done, needs testing)
- Wattcher (pending) 

Link: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.homewizard/HomeWizard/test/


Full rewrite code to SDKv2 has been finished, version is now ready for testing (see test link).
Special thanks to Freddie Welvering for all the hard work.
This version should now also be compatible with Homey 5.0.0 (and below).

WARNING: Due to the full rewrite to SDKv2 some drivers have been changed a lot and are prone to show as a red marker. Sadly you have to remove/add the devices/drivers again.


Dear users,

The latest version is released in the store.
I do receive crash reports but these are related on the old paired drivers. So please when you experience crashes with version v1.0.1 pair your homewizard and its sub components again. This is a problem that we cant avoid due to sdkv2 code change which affects everything.



Hi Jeroen,

Tnx for the update!
I paired all my Homewizard devices again, and seems to be working :slight_smile: .
But in my Energylink i see some empty values.
The power meter doesn’t have any value.

Also the S1 and S2 values are empty.
Because of the solar and water meter attached to it , i think.
Is it possible to hide those values?

Hi Lars,

Thanks for confirming.
Yeah noticed the side effect of those metrics.
I will check if we conditionally can hide it.
The S1 and S2 meters power are there to the power tracking. It is a bit tricky with about 5 different options for S1 and S2 (solar, water,
power, bike, car (elec)).

The empty power meter is a leftover of sdkv1 so will remove.

Tnx for the reply Jeroen! :+1:

Resolved, v1.0.2 ready in test

Bug fix: remove S1 & S2 power tracking from UI if there is already solar and water meters active

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Hi Jeroen, is it possible to integrate the homewizard smoke detectors (868 MHz) from smartwares/Cavius?


If they are connected with Homewizard I can try. Sadly I dont have these myself to develop against.
Can you sent me a PM with the JSON payload from your device?

http://x.x.x.x/password/get-status (remove any passwords of course from the output)