Is it possible to connect a Cavius smoke detector (868mhz)?


I’m new at Homey and I would like to connect my smoke detectors to create a new flow. I’m having a set of 4 Cavius detectors, working on 868 MHz. It was possible to connect them to my previous Homewizard system but I can’t figure out how to connect them to Homey.

Help is appreciated!


Basically, if you can’t find an app for that particular device, it’s very likely that you can’t connect them to Homey.

I’ve got 7 of these detectors and couldn’t find an app cause these one are build for homewizard so far as I know. And they use an encrypted connection.

I decided to use them together with homey and homewizard with the HTTP request app. In my case it catches the http request and send an sound file to all sonos boxes in the house.

Hi @Joka and @Hans_de_Bruyne,

Do you have a possibility to couple the Cavius / Homewizard smoke detectors? I now use HTTP GET command every couple of minutes. But with a fire you will be notified directly. I hope that there will be a any news.


Edit: I have send a message to the Dutch representative of Cavius. (

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I though it’s on the feature request list of the Homewizard app @Jeroen_Tebbens

Yeah it is on the list, only lack the smoke detector myself so hadn’t put any effort into it yet.

I‘m not realy sure how you realised your flow.

You can configure that the homewizard send a request to homey directly when the smoke detector sends an alarm.

So homey will react in seconds after smoke is detected.

The when card is called Incoming get and looks different from your card.

It’s the THEN card

The reason I bought a Homey is because my Homewizard broke. So I’m not using Homewizard anymore. Is there a way (now or in the future) to connect the Cavius smoke detectors directly to Homey?

I’ve only put my share on the issue and made the smoke sensor supported in Homewizard app for Homey. I won’t spend time on Homey and Cavius directly since I don’t know the 868mhz protocol they. Same issue is how Energylink and Heatlink are handled. These are not directly supported either.

@Jeroen_Tebbens: Did I understand that the Homewizard app does support the smokedetectors now? How can I make them visable in Homey?

@Joka: What do I have to do in Homewizard to push the message to Homey? I see that you can only notify a mobile phone.

@Ralf_Groot yes, am beta testing atm. There are some glitches with a doorbell sensor at the moment but the code is active for smoke detector.
You can find it in the test area Homey

Beta version is v1.1.4

Super!! I can add the smoke detectors. I will try to get them in alarm (on a safe way…) and will tell you. Good job, very happy with this :slight_smile:

Good let me know. Just remember that there will be up to 10 seconds delay.
Homewizard is polled every 10 seconds so it will not be instant when smoke detector signal and notification goes from your sensor -> Homewizard -> Homey -> App

The smoke detector can’t do it by itself.
You have to configure two things in Homewizard additionally.

  1. IP switch for every smoke detector

The IP switch will send a http get command to homey (IP=Homeys IP):

smokedetector = Rauchmelder (same in every command)
room name = Schlafzimmer (room where the smoke detector is placed)

  1. Task which triggers the IP switch for every smoke detector


In homey you can now receive the incoming http get:


In the WHEN card you use the first tag to identify that the command belongs to a smoke alarm.

a) Rauchmelder=smokedetector from topic 1. above.

In the AND card you use the second tag to identify the room/smokedetector which sends the alarm

b) Schlafzimmer=room name from topic 2. above.

In the THEN card you can do what you want of course. I switch on all lights in the house. Open all raffstores/shutters. And send the room name to all sonos boxes in the house (sonos say app).

The main benefit is that you have only a minimal delay between alarm time and homeys reaction.

Attention: Homewizard doesn’t support HTTPS. Nevertheless you can activate the authorization option in the HTTP request App but then you have to make sure to use the whitelist with the Homewizard IP in addition.


URL example: http://192.168.xx.xx/api/app/com.internet/whitelist/Rauchmelder/Schlafzimmer

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Thanks for this ‘manual’. But unfortunately it will not work. When I put the http link in a browser I get the message: {“code”:401,“error”:“not_logged_in”,“error_description”:“You need to log in to access this resource”}
On this community site I found the error message in this post: HTTP GET commandos naar Homey versturen
There they say you have to use https protocol, but HomeWizard does not accept that.
What do I wrong?

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Did you disable authentication in the HTTP Request Flow Cards app?

But didn’t we use the cloudID for this requests?

Or when using the IP we used a dash instead of a dot?

@robertklep, thanks! That was the issue. I didn’t know there was an option for it in the HTTP Request app. I didn’t disable the authentication but whitelisted my Homewizard.

So in Homewizard the IP switch is now: http:// HOMEY-IP/api/app/com.internet/whitelist/Rookmelder/Huiskamer

@Joka, can you make an edit in your tremendous manual?

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@Ralf_Groot: sure and done, thanks for the hint, good teamwork :wink:

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