Cavius by Smartwares 868 smoke detector / Rauchmelder

Hello together, is there any possibility to connect the CAVIUS (by smartwares) 868 MHZ smoke detector with Homey? With alert message push function?

In Homewizard (which I had before in standalone, now attached to homey) I was able to connect them easily and Homewizard still detects the test alarms nowadays - but Homey doesn’t respond at all (my smoke detectors were taken over somehow from the Homewizard App when I installed Homey a few months ago).

So when I press the alert button (or if I use smoke detektor test spray) I do not get any message on my mobile phone, just written messages in the Homewizard App :-/

This is not satisfying due to the fact that I need to receive a push message in case of alert! It makes no sense that I have to check the Homewizard App during my absence if I want to know if the smoke sensors are ok…

By the way: It makes no difference if I am in WLAN or via mobilphone line connected with my system. And: The version of Homey is 6.1.0 - if necessary to know.

Well… it is not an unimportant subject, isn’ t it…?

Thank you ever so much!!!

Do it this way:

Hello Joka, thank you vor the kind advise. Most likeley I am to basic :slight_smile: to understand exactly where I have to set this IP switch. Can you tell me a bit more precised maybe? In HW oder Homey? Where? How? Is it a software or a hardware solution? Sorry, I am not so deep into that matter… If you want you can also reply in German language. English is ok also (I am German)

The moderator don’t like multilanguage threads … for good reasons.

Well, I tried to write it tutorial like. But I understand that’s it a little bit technically.

in HW oder Homey?
IP-Switch and Task configuration in HW
Homey App HTTP request flow cards App für Homey | Homey for triggering the sent URL from HW.

Where? How?
Did you really read the tutorial? :wink:

Is it a software or a hardware solution?
HW + Homey needed
Rest is software configuration only