[APP][Pro] Homewizard

Unplug both the p1 from the p1 port and your usb power cord from the p1 so it will become powerless, then reconnect everything.



  • Heatlink fix (function error)
  • Adjusted error logging to show less details, added axios abort controller to enforce abort to pending session.

v2.1.29 is live (including pre-support for watermeter, be aware this addition is untested as this Homewizard module just has been released this month so let me know if there are problems)

After the new update, Homey not see a change of presets more and wil not trigger a flow annymore if a preset is change

Will investigate tomorrow

Fixed in v2.1.30, pushed for deployment now.

Dank je wel. I will wait for update

It is working again. Thks

Just received a message from HomeWizard that the new water meter has been sent. Hopefully will be able to connect and add to the app tomorrow :star_struck:

Support for it has been added and is live from v2.1.27+ so it should work. Yet it has been untested against a real device so I can’t guarantee 100%

We’ll see I’ll keep you posted

Ok thanks Ton, my watermeter order is still in backlog till they deliver. Expect it next week when the early orders are processed.

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@Jeroen_Tebbens Assembly and installation went quickly. Display in the app is fine, works well.

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Thank you Ton!

On the website from Homewizard there they say “order now and receive Thursday”.
So maybe you receive it this week. And I also.

I did get.a reaction at 6-8 23:49 of Homewizard on Tweakers and they said there was going something wrong.
It was not correct.
If you order now you will receive it at the end of August.

Here’s another screenshot of the PbtH app of the new HomeWizard water meter :+1:

In the app description it says:

After connecting your HomeWizard Base Station, you can add …

But it seems that that base station is no longer needed, is that true?

Needed for what?
The newly watermeter launched this month by Homewizard does not need the “old”/legacy Homewizard base unit.
The watermeter has its own wifi chip so you can add it in Homewizard Energy app first and then after you enabled Local API in the Energy app for the watermeter you can add it in Homey (dont press the pair button, just add/search/discover in Homey and you are done.

No longer needed to pair with homey, does that also work for the Wifi P1 Meter and the Energy Socket?

Correct, all new HomeWizard stuff can ben added without the old base unit.