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With this app you can group devices with the same capabilities as one device. This means you an control multiple devices from the one place.

The general approach for this application is to keep things as simple as possible, especially for the default device classes. (light, sockets, etc). To do anything other then these simple operations please use the advance (other) groups.


Help me buy a homey to create this and other apps on.

Please note that this app now only supports v8.1.3, while legacy code should continue to work, new installations are not possible nor supported.



Branch Version Status Notes
Stable 3.2.4 :white_check_mark: Stable


Version 3 of the application has been released, v3 adds support for SDK3, and will work with the new Homey Pro 2023.

Additionally it includes many stability fixes, and features - but did mean there were breaking changes I have made every effort to limit the people affected but there may be some people/groupswhich will stop working.


  1. After installing, to add a new Group, click + (add) upon the devices tab select “Group”.
  2. Now select the group device’s class. (e.g. Light).
  3. On this page you will find all devices that have the capabilities you selected, simply select the devices you want to group.
  4. On this final page you change change the icon of the device if you would like, or select next to use the default.
  5. Now you have one device to control all the grouped devices.


If you group is broken or you would like to change it, you can do so from the “Repair” option under maintenance.

  1. Go to group device, click on the cog on the upper right hand corner.
  2. Click Maintenance
  3. Click “Try to Repair”.

This will going through the pairing screens that you visited when setting up the device.

Feature List :

:white_check_mark: Groups different (or the same) devices together

You can group as many devices as you would like together, allowing them all to be controlled / or viewed as one device.

eg. Group all the lights in your house and control the all at once, either as a device or flow
eg. Group all your contact sensors and be able to see if any doors or windows have been left open
eg. Group all your temperature sensors and if the average temp of your house goes down, turn on the heater

:white_check_mark: Simplify your flows

Simplify your flows by adding a group to any part of the flow and have the action carried out upon the entire group.

_eg. If any motion sensor detects motion then turn on all the lights in your house _
_eg. If the sum of power used by all devices is greater 700W then turn set all the heaters in your house for 5 min _

:white_check_mark: Enhance your flows

Enhance your flows by having them only trigger when you want, you can even make it so that a group will only turn on if the (sum, average, mean average, min, max) meets a criteria.

:white_check_mark: Supports most device classes

You can now add groups for any category from kettles to sensors and everything between 18 categories are supported, the rest to be added once available in Homey 2.

:white_check_mark: Now supports all device capabilities

All standard device capabilities are now supported, this means that you can now group anything from temperature sensors, lux sensors, motion alarms, vacuum cleaner states, power measurements. All 72 capabilities have been added.

:white_check_mark: Give feedback on device status

Your group cards will now give feedback if something changes with in the group, either in or outside of the Homey App.

eg. In a grouped set of Hue lights, if you change the colour of the lights to red with in the Hue app, your device group card will now show as red.

:white_check_mark: Choose how information is display method

You can now choose how each groups capability will be reported back to you.

eg. Set the grouped temperature sensors to show the average temperature, but the highest humidity value.
eg. Show the total amount of power used for all grouped lights, but median average dim levels
eg. Only set the light card on if all lights are on, but turn on the grouped motion sensors if any detect motion.

:white_check_mark: See more information, quicker.

You can now click on a group’s settings to see which devices, which capabilities have been included and which method is being used to display the results. As always you can still change the values from the app settings, along with which method is being used.

:white_check_mark: Choose your language.

Added support for English, Dutch and German, please note - I don’t speak German or Dutch, if there are any issues please let me know.

@Jamie : English (EN) :australia:
@anon2681894 : Dutch (NL) :netherlands:
@PhilS : German (DE) :de:

:white_check_mark: Virtual classes

The group app will work with virtual classes on devices (ie. when you change a socket to represent a fan, kettle, light, etc). Virtual devices will be correctly identified and available for grouping.

:white_check_mark: Alter groups

It is possible to alter which devices are with in a group, this is done from settings → maintenance → Try to repair.

Advance Groups

Unified Groups
These same as a normal group, but you are no longer restricted by device class.
You can use these groups for additional flexibility, or advance use cases, but the advance settings are harder to manage.

Blended Groups
Group that include devices with different capabilities.
You can use these groups to control similar devices, for example a group with a light which only dims and a light which has colour changing capability.
When changing the the brightness, a blended group will change all devices brightness, but changing the colour will only change that on the devices where it is possible.

Fused Groups
These are a special type, which “fuse” devices together, creating a single device out of one or more devices.
When creating a new group, you will be asked which device to control for which action.
Fusing groups can be useful in situations like when you have a zwave switch and a hue globe and you may want to use the switch when turning off/on or reading the power, but the hue globe when setting the dim/color.

Conjoined Groups
These are groups where you can specify which capabilities you would like to be added to the group.
Giving the most control as to how the group is created.


Lots of other small fixes, and features

Otherwise everything else is as advertised in the post, hit me up on Slack (@jamie) if you have any questions or issues.

Finally if you could let me know what does work, as well as what doesn’t, it would be really helpful as I am unable to test some devices myself.



Sign me up :slight_smile:

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Happy to test for u.

Me too, sounds very useful…

Sign me up too, need to have the device group on if all devices are on from other triggers

Me too

Nice app ! Happy to test it ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Jamie I’d also like to sign up, thanks.

Hello @Jamie,

Where do you want us to write feedbacks ?

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Sign me in mate :+1:

Would love to be a tester too!

I would like to be a tester…
Currently using it for lights, but love to group Fibaro smoke sensors, PIR sensors, etc…

I would like to be a tester, too.

Thanks everyone, just a heads up to the people regularly updating the alpha branch.

The alpha branch will be changing over to v1.3, while the beta (v1.2) awaits integration. This will allow features to continue to roll out. As always, your experience on beta will be much more stable than upon the alpha branch.

The first alpha release will roll out in about 24 hours.

I can use CLI again, so will happily test your App. Could you please point me to the place where the App can be downloaded.


Try the opening post!

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Oops…my wrong!

Installed the App and I think it’s great!

Yes, big step up since the original app was created a while back.
Thanks Jamie.

Now working with v2 - if currently have v2 installed im looking for some help alpha testing.


Hi Jamie,
would be glad to test on V2, I really miss the grouping functionality since device-groups no longer works.