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Is there a way to group devices with the new Homey pro without an extra app? As I go to advanced device settings, I see a text field ‘Groups’. But I can’t find a way to create a group of devices. Can you help out?

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Homey doesn’t have a built-in grouping option. Not sure what the text field is for, perhaps post a screenshot?

If it is in the Advanced Setting of a device then it is probably app dependent. So what app and device is it on?
Is it a ZigBee or ZWave device?

Anyone know if this is in development? It was a pain to create a flow for every light switch just so that a double tap up or down means dim +/-10%

Also a huge pain is their inability to abstract a flow to the device. I duplicate a flow and I have to change the entire card rather than just the device. :man_facepalming:t2:

Yoy can use an Advanced Virtual Device from the Device Capabilities app.
Use reflection to group devices.


Could you kindly explain how to use reflection to group devices in the Device Capabilities app?

About Device Capabilities please have a look at this topic:

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You can do this for Advanced FLows with the device capabilities app.
It allowes for exporting and importing flows, and during importing, you can easily change devices, zones, etc. and it will be changed for all flowcards, tags, etc.

Thank you Dirk!