[Feature Request] Groups

I have multiple lamps with multiple spots. So normally I wanna turn on/off a lamp but when creating a flow I need to select all 3 spots to turn off all the ligts.


So now I created a “workflow” to act as one lamp… so this is only pollution of my flows because its not a “flow”.

I would like to be able to create groups of the same device, so I can easily dim or turn on/off a lamp.

I wanna use those groups for more things so I can reduce my flows, like my blinds, got 8 of them.

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Then use the app Group:


Be aware that Homey may have problems handling that many devices at once (where the symptoms would be that one or more random devices in a group don’t do what you want them to do).

But everything gets better with Homey v5, doesn’t it ?! :grinning::joy:

Hmm I think I have seen that behavior :frowning:

Guess that issues has high priority at homey?

It hasn’t had a high priority since it was introduced in firmware v2. Time will tell if v5 fixes these problems (but somehow I doubt it).

I tried that app, but here I have to install lamps again as group?
I want to make groups of existing devices. (feels like a feature homey should have tho)

No you can create a group from existing devices. After adding they still exist as individual devices.

Don’t think so too. V5 is focused on zigbee s far as I can tell. From what I understand the problem is with the handling of the actions. It used to be in sequence and now is performed parallel. Don’t know if it is just a mess in the code or resources issues. So agree with not a priority in v5.

I don’t think this is a special problem of Homey, at least not concerning Z-Wave.
With my Fibaro HC2 I have also always built in switching delays. This was even a recommendation from the German Fibaro distributor.
That’s why I also do this with Homey commands, and not only those concerning Z-Wave.
In the Group-App you can also add switching delays.

hmm. Why not just go via the build-in Zones feature? Never had an issue. But I also have no zigbee lights though.

I switch over 20 Z-Wave devices in a Group and it works 100% reliable! So, there are Gateways that can handle it.

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That’s not what I said at all. I’m just saying that it’s not a specific problem with homey.
With Homey I haven’t tried to switch 20 devices at once. You did it, right? What is your experience?

Anyway, I think ex-homey users should not be allowed to criticize Homey… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that’s missing the point now.

@LegenDaryM, you don’t say which lamps you use. With the Philips Hue App it is also possible to turn on and off all the lights in a room. I would say just try it. The Group App and the build-in zones.

It used to be not such a problem before the flow rewrite of v2, after that it appeared (or at least it was much more noticable).


I keep my shut up and lean back and relax. :grinning:


Okay, I didn’t know that. I don’t have the homey that long.
Is it independent of the protocol? Or is this a problem only with Z-Wave or Zigbee or…?

Yes, although it looks like it’s related to anything that depends on some sort of radio (Zigbee/Z-Wave/WiFi/RF).

@LegenDaryM, another thing you can do is to create one flow for each lamp group you want to switch on or off.

This flow is started

Lamp X is off (it is enough if only one lamp of the group is listed)

Switch Lamp 1 on
Switch Lamp 2 on
Switch Lamp 3 on

Switch Lamp 10 on

Switch Lamp 1 off
Switch Lamp 2 off
Switch Lamp 3 off

Switch Lamp 10 off

It is only necessary to start these flows from different other flows.

No additional app necessary (saves resources)
No additional devices necessary (clearer)
Opposite the built-in zones, individual lamp groups can be switched in one room
The other flows remain clearer and can be edited faster

You have additional flows (possibly more confusing)

For me it’s not really about turning on/off of more devices. I have scenes which set-up specific color of several z-wave lamps (3-4). Funny thing that all the time every lamp has different color (usually not expected one). When I set it manually - everything is OK. Issue is only via flow and same with group as separately and same issue with delay…

The issue isn’t so much turning on/off, it’s sending commands (on/off, dim, color, etc) to multiple devices. The problems you’re describing fit the problem.