How to turn multiple lights On or Off in homey app?

I´m new to this homey system and just can´t get my head around flows - I have created some that turn on and off at specific times and when the sun goes up/down, but what I need is the possibility to turn on and off a group of lights (don´t know how to create a group or find a “when” choice that will let me just push flow to turn off all the lights in basement.
if i could figure this I also want to create an easy way to create a group with lights and control the dimming for 8 lights with just one flow (maybe one who controls other flows)

Could someone tell me where to start -is there a beginnerplace or do you have a suggestion to where I should start?

thank you so much :slight_smile:


Please install the app “group” inside the app store in homey.

After that, press (+) to add a new device. Select group set the name and the capabilities.

Now u are able to control any device u want :blush:

Have fun


Another possibility to switch all lamps within a zone on or off:
Within the Flow at Then click on “Add Card”.
Devices -> Switch off certain devices -> Device type… Select lamp -> Device area… the appropriate zone (Basement)

The same also works to switch on all lamps within a zone.

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I used a different approuch.
I do not just want to put my lights on or of. But needed to also adjust color and brighnptness.

To get this done I created several flows that define these “scenes”
When: this flow is started
Then: set hue1 to 40%, set hue1 to yellow, set hue2 to 80%

This way I created multiple flows:
Living normal
Living bright
Living away
Kitchen normal
Kitchen bright

I can call these flows from other flow (and re-use them)

Maybe interesting too, I wrote some tips on “how to structure your flows
Maybbe you like it


That can be done by using the group app to.

Save time :grin:

Great link for the flows structure. Thanks

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If we speak generally, the previously given solutions - especially the Group app - do their job.

If your lights are Philips Hue, and you use integration via Hue bridge, you can do better - create a group inside Hue app, and the from Homey you can use card “Turn all lights off/on in a room”, “Set a scene”, “Set brightness of al lights in a room”. In my experience the effect is much smoother and faster.


I tried group, but did not find out how.
Can you share a screenshot of how I can set different dim levels to lights inside a group?


Thank you all of you - this is a great start for me - I will really test this out -and come with some follow up questions :slight_smile:

Wow - this works fantastic!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

@FKey, I guess it has to do with which properties you activate when you create the group and if this feature is supported by the lamps.
It may also not work if you want to group different lamps into one group, but this is only a assumption.
With my Hue lamps it works (sorry for German language in the screenshots!).
It is „Dimmniveau“ to activate the properties for the group and „Dimmen auf“ in the THEN part.

Edit: I read your question again. May I misunderstand your question. Do you mean different dimm level insight one group? This is not possible I guess.

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That is indeed what I want.
I have a mix of hue lamps and hue controlled dimmers that control regular led bulbs.
When all lights get the same dimm level, some will be too bright.

As described my solution is to make “scene” flows setting all the lights.
(You can also build the scene on the hue bridge as @rzarajczyk describes)

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sorry for a dumb question as I just start using Homey, try to find the app “group” but the web says it is for Homey Pro only, am I looking at the right place ?

If you only have Homey Cloud/Bridge, you can’t use this app.

thanks, to get the Homey pro apps, is it the only way is to purchase the Homey pro.

On the Homey web site, it says that delivery expects early 2023 , does that mean that I cannot get access to the pro apps until the Homey pro is delivered?

That’s right, the bridge simply will not work with the pro only apps

so I have to buy the pro version to get to use the pro only apps? And it would not be available until next year , so that means I would not be able to use those apps until the Homey Pro get delivered?

That question seems to answer itself :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try and find the “white globe” Homey Pro, either at a webshop that might still have one or two in stock or as a second-hand device.

I use Group for many different scenarios, but how can I add more lamps to an existing group? I can’t figure that out, but I think I’ve done it before.

Hi Morten,

Most apps have a special forum topic. Often the 1st post (by the developer) shows how-to’s, troubleshooters, FAQ’s and stuff. Your answer is right there.
You can find links to those topics at the store [appname] page.

While I checked already, here you go:

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