Philips Hue turn on two lights at the same time


I have been reading various threads on the forum but it is not clear to me if it is possible or not.

I have the Philips bridge and two bulbs that belong to the same lamp. On the Philips bridge they appear as “office lamp”. When it comes to importing it into Homey, the two independent bulbs appear and the only way I have that joint actions can be performed on the two bulbs is by installing the “groups” application.

How can i group different lamps together so for instance 3 spots to switch them on / off together?


I have lots of Hue lamps and light strips in my home. My experience with the hue app in homey is dat controlling individual lamps is not very stable. The best way controlling hue lamps in Homey is using scenes. This is very stable and fast. With scense you can control more lamps at once.

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Hello @tb1962

You mean scenes inside homey or in the Philips Hue app?

Thanks for your quick response.

I mean create a scene in the Philips hue app and select this scene in Homey flow

I must try this because trying to use the Philips hue scenes is unreliable

I have tried what you comment @tb1962 and it works quite well.

Try and play.

I am also playing with viurtual dedvices to act on the lights in a group.

Or try the app ‘group’

You could try creating a zone with whatever Hue lights got want using the Hue app, Homey can see those zones. For Hue lamps this may prove more reliable than the group app. Excellent though that app is there seems to be a problem with Homey communicating to many Hue lamps