Luxaflex and Philips Hue

Hello all,

Before I buy the Homey i want to know a few things.

Do i need the base from Luxaflex to control the Luxaflex trough Homey?

My other question is if its possible to make a scene with Homey that controls hue lights that are connected to 2 different hue bridges. I have more then 60 lights and would like to use as a example 1 scene that turns off all lights connected to both bridges.

I hope someone can help me.


I’m pretty new to Homey, but as you, I have many Hue lamps as well, close to 70 lamps on two different bridges, and I can confirm that as soon as both bridges are installed in Homey you can control all lights without thinking about what bridge they are on. Creating light scenes in Homey is not ideal, but to do basic things like turn on / off / dim in a flow is pretty easy. Install the “groups” app to group common lamps together, that will make it easier.

Both answers are YES! :wink:

Luxaflex powerview works perfect and I’m using als 2 bridges. I’ve created scene’s in the HUE app and trigger them.

Thanks to you both for the quick answer!!! I was searching for so many weeks now to find a solution for the 2 Hue bridges! Are both apps also working in the 2.* version of the Homey?

The Hue app works in V2, I don’t use Luxaflex but I’m sure someone will chime in on that