Best Practice: How do you use Hue?

Hi all,

I’m using Homey with the Hue bridge. However I’m having a mix of scenes (in iConnectHue), schedules to switch lamps on/off, activation through motion sensors etc. It drives me a bit nuts as I want to have everything in Homey so I have a perfect overview what is happening when.

However I find it a bit difficult to define in Homey how a lamp status should be (on, off, color, brightness) - having it to define for every single lamp is a bit annoying. So I’m wondering if there is a better way to do that and how you manage that…

I know, pretty open question, still hoping for some ideas. :slight_smile:


I think you should take a look at the groups app, maybe thats what you need. Its in the app store. Perfect for using without the bridge, ofcourse you need then the hue zigbee app also

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Why you don’t use the Scenes you already created with the hue App?!


My (limited) experience is that it’s very difficult to get Hue lights to operate exactly as you want using the apps available on Homey. After a lot of trial and error I gave in and now use the Hue app and in particular many of the Hue Lab formulas and it works great.

I still have every light added as a device on Homey which gives me an overview of each lamp’s status.


I do the same as Azz24, I use the Hue hub and while i’ve added the devices to Homey - for flows or if I have the app open. As well as created groups for them. (All Downstairs Lights) I generally use the Hue iphone app … its a piece of custom made software to solve controlling lights. - Its also faster to access the devices via Alexa/Google directly then via Homey.

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Thank you all. Seems using Homey and a Hue app for whatever each is doing best is the „best practice“ :grinning:

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With the hue bridge and Homey i trigger scenes. I never trigger a certain bulb


I find when I change colours / temperatures from within Homey the previous setting carries over to next time the light is turned on.
Eg a lamp is set to purple in the evening and turned off when I sleep. In the morning I want the lamp to turn on to a cool white setting. When turned on its goes purple first then changes to cool white. Not a major issue, but its annoying.
When I makes the changes outside of Homey using the native Hue App it works as intended.

Up until last week (ie v3) If you attempt to change a value (using the Athom Homey App) while the device is turned off. Ie Globe is off and you set it to Cool white. The underlaying library Athom was using throws a tanty.

I noticed this color/brightness/hue/temps sent using the group app to a device which is off, but that was with version 3. I havent had a chance to test version 4 or look into how it is handled now.

I guess to get around this issue, they are turning on the globe … then changing it to what you have asked for.

Annoying, but perhaps knowing why will make it less so?

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