Set scene in room with Hue

Hi all,

First of all, I am very new to this, but couldn’t find an answer on the forum. I am trying to create a flow where I turn on a group of Hue lights with a certain scene (in my case “Relax”). The only thing is that I can only select the “set a scene” card for the all lamps, not only the room that I want it for.

What am I doing wrong?`

“Set a scene” is for selecting a scene u made in the Hue bridge?
So make the scene in the bridge and in Homey select that scene?

Yes I have created the scene in the Hue bridge. But it doesn’t show in the homey flow. Only the set a scene for all lamps is selectable, which then also turns on other lights.

This is how i see it in the THEN colom:

And if u just made the scene it’s possible that Homey does not see it yet?

ah ok got it. thx. was looking in the card menu and not in the list on the right.


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I have multiple scenes with similar names. Example: ‘Energie’ is a scene that is a default Hue scene available in every room you create. How do you distinguish this scene in Homey? Should I rename every scene with a prefix of the room?

Yes, that’s exactly what I did. The scenes I wanted to use in Homey I renamed to include the name of the room. I had quite a few “Evening” scenes before I started renaming them :slightly_smiling_face:.

I actually stumbled upon this question while I was searching if it was possible to activate a scene from Homeyscript. I find the lack of documentation (and capabilities of Homeyscript) extremely frustrating. For example, is it possible to call Action Cards (or its equivalent) from Homeyscript (and how)? I see for some Apps the api calls are mentioned in the forum, but you’re lucky if you do manage to find these.