Philips Hue: How to select non default scene presets in a flow card?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a flow with a Then… Philips Hue: Activate the ‘<xxxx>’ scene card.
Somehow I can only select one of the Defaults scene presets (Read, Relax, Energize, etc.) from the Hue Scene Gallery but none of the presets from the other preset categories (Seasons, Sunlight, Cosy, Serenity, etc.).

Can someone guide me in the right direction on how to achieve this? Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like your hue bridge doesnt send over custom scenes to your homey.
Did u try restart the hue app?

Yes I did, not sure if that was the fix though. I did discover that in order to be able to set a desired scene preset in the flow card from the ‘Hue scene gallery’, you first must have added that same scene to ‘My Scenes’ in the Hue app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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