Is it possible to use the setting of a Hue scene to trigger a flow with Homey Pro

I have a mixture of Philips hue and Meross powerstrips that control a number of lights in the house and garden. I’m trying to create a flow that is triggered by an existing Hue Scene to trigger a flow to turn on/off Meross On/Off devices - I had a first gen Homey and sure that I used to be able to do this - the first gen was replaced with the Pro when the first gen died on me


Hi Chris
One quick and easy way to do this is pick a light that exists in your Hue Scene and use this as your ‘When’ Trigger i.e. when that light is on which you can combine with an ‘And’ card for another light in the scene just to be safe i.e. pick two or more lights that would only be on together if scene is triggered. It’s a little fiddly but unless the scene is complex would give you a quick way to detect the scene has gone active. Then use this to trigger your flow etc.

There is no ‘When’ card for a scene currently.

I’ll give it some thought and see if I can think of easier way but this might be quick fix.