Scene Philips hue natural lighting used in flo

Hi, I have all my bulbs connected via the Hue bridge to Homey Pro 2019. In flow creation, I can choose the appropriate lighting scene that is defined in the hue app, such as concentration, energy, relaxation, reading, etc. For some time, the light scene option has appeared in the hue app natural, which automatically changes color and intensity depending on the time of day. However, only this scene is not visible in the options that I can set in homey. How can I set the light to automatically change depending on the time of day? to show, and explain the working of specific Flows in homey.

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Is the ‘dynamic scene’ a real scene in Hue mobile app or is it a dynamic one from HueLabs?

This is scene defined, and it’s in the philips hue app just like the rest. The ones that are missing in homey are marked in red, and those that are available in homey are marked in green.

I tried to add this sscene by myself. It seems it’s a special kind of scene. Not only a light group with defined color/dim, but more like an automation (like timers).
Perhaps the Hue API doesn’t present it as a scene. That’s something Athom as the app developer should check. Only thing you can do is to create a support ticket :slight_smile:

Hi there, is there a solution available in the mean time for the Hue “Natural light” scene?


Hi. I am looking for the same. The old documentation is not longer valid, as the App has no longer a scene flow card.

I have the same issue. “Natural Light” seem to be just a set of different scenes divided on time slots and somewhat based on sunset as well (if you edit it, you can see).

you can copy these rules and make your own advanced flow to recreate it

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