Turn off all light doesn't work


I have been struggling to make a flow that turn off all lights that are on in the house. I have a Hue smart button where I created a flow when the button is being held then turn all lights off. But is doesn’t do anything. I I just click the button it turn on the entrance where it is placed and once again it turns off the entrance.

Any who have any success using this function?

Share the flow please.
Don’t have a Hue remote but,
with a KlikAanKlikUit remote this works for me:

Can a Hue button be paired to the entrance and Homey at the same time?
Is it paired to a Hue bridge, or directly with Homey?

It is pairs with hue but I said that it is configured somewhere else.

This is my flow

Does it work when you use the test button in the flow? You should see a green check on the command and the lights go out, but you could also see a red error sign, which can show an error message when you click it. If there are condiotions that are not met, you could see that too, and the lights command would then get no other icon at all.

And did you try to put in a notification to see if the trigger works? That is also a well proven method to debug flows.

Just tested with my Hue Button and no problem.
Long press turns off all lights.

All my lights and Button are connected via Hue Bridge and Homey Hue app.
I did choose in Philips Hue app the option to configure Button in other app. The other app is Homey in this case.

Thanks for sharing does the button also have other settings on push?

It has a setting home/away on normal click. Added your option to test if that works for me, and it does.

I tried to remove the smart button from hue and reinstall it and it worked. Thank you for all your input on this