Disable default philips hue "turn on/off all light"-flows


I wanna create custom voice commands but run into issues naming my flows something close to “all of the lights” as there seems to be a preexisting flow that came with the hue app?

Is it possible to disable it so i can use these terms/names without getting the “warning: this interferes with and existing speech command.”-error while creating my flow


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I guess it is the core where this speech rule exists, not specific hue.
Core speech can’t be overruled

And there were manny other issues on GitHub about speech and all lights commands.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Two questions - is there any way around the annoying confirmation question?
Homey will always ask me “should i turn on/off all of the lights” and its hella annoying.

And for some reason homey only turn on/off MOST of the lights.
If i make a custom flow and include philips hue “all lights” ALL lights are included without any issues. Any ideas?


if you specifically say “ok homey, turn off all lights” you will not get the confirmation question (the question only pops up if you say “turn off lights” (without the all), and it will turn off ALL lights, that includes all hue lights, or any other protocol, if it is a “light class” device.
Best way to get around the build in “flow” is to create a room with those lights (if they aren’t already) as you can specify a room when saying “ok homey, turn off all lights in the living room”