Floor heating

Working: I have Fibaro sensors and VThermo to start and stop actuators connected to Greenwave Power node.
Not working: The first socket on Greenwave is a pump, and if one of the actuators is on I want to start the pump with a delay, and if all of the actuators are off then I want to stop the pump with a delay.
Can you show me an easy way to get this working.

If you want to measure the power to the actuators connected to the Greenwave multi PowerNode, I have to disappoint you, From the Greenwave multi Powernode, it is only possible to measure the power from the first socket, not from the other ones. In the past this was possible, but Athom has disabled that to reduce network traffic.

If you’re actually turning sockets on and off then you do not need the power measurements. One way would be to increment/decrement a variable with the number of active actuators and react on that. You can then create a flow that reacts on changes in the variable to turn the pump on or off.

Note that there is a chance then that the calculations run in parallel. So assuming the increment/decrement is not atomic, there is a slight chance the variable is not set right.

I’m using the flows below to count open doors. I call these flows when a door sensor activates/deactivates. You could link something similar when a socket turns on or off. For me the number of doors is not as crucial that it is right, so I use some kind of self correction when the number is about to go below 0 or above the actual number of doors:

Another option is possibly to use the group app. for sensors I know a group turns off when all containing sensors are off. If it does the same for on/off, you could simply watch if the group turns on or off.

The delays are best done with apps like Chronograph, since it allows canceling timers if the situation changes.

Thanks Edwin_D.
It looks like this could go wrong.
The rule for my is simple:
IF B=True or C=True or D=True or E=True… Then A=True(with delay)
IF B=False and B=False and C=False and D=False and E=False… Then A=False(with delay)
But the problem is that I am new to this Homey and I can not find out how to do that.
The problem is that if the pump is not running while actuator is on then I get to hot water in the system, and if the pump is running while all actuators are of I am using energy for nothing running the pump.
About the first answer: I don’t care about the energy measurement.

There are numerous ways, two of which were described above. With the flows I posted you can count how many of B though E are on. Then you can make a simple flows: when the count changes, and count is 0 set A true with delay. And another, when count changes, and count is not 0, and A is still on, turn it off with a delay.

Or you can take the group app, put B through E in a group, and then make two flows: when group turns on then turn A off with a delay, and another: when group turns off then turn A on with a delay.

It is a bit hard to build sample flows at my end because I do not have a similar situation, but there are plenty of samples around here on how to use timers. For the group app, look here: