Flow to take action when energy consumption is at a given level

Hello All,

I have an issue with some Zwave devices. Although I have flow that are triggered to turn off some lights especially garden lights that consume a lot, for some reasons, aven after putting delays between orders and making the lights turn off flow trigger twice with 10 minutes interval, when I am coming back home, I am still finding some lights not getting turned off… it is seldom; in other terms, it is not happening to the same lights every time.

Since these lights are using Fibaro switches, they report power consumption. I was wondering if I can build a flow that can triggered at a certain point that will measure the power consumption on these devices/zone (garden zone for instance) , and then issue a notification and do some action.

What I need is to get an idea how to sum the energy for the devices or get it on a given zone, put it in a variable and if variable value is >0 then trigger actions.

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Hi Emmanuel,

you can use the app < group > to to measure the consumption of several devices.
But the problem sounds more like a connection problem.

Or too many commands are sent simultaneously. A delay of 1-2 seconds per lamp could possibly help.

Are your switches “secure” connected? If so, it might help to connect the switches “unsecure”, so less commands are sent and the Z-Wave mesh becomes more stable overall (own experience and from many other users).

I have put that delay but it did not change much. I am adding them as secure indeed. Do you know how to make them non-secure without removing them and adding them again? I have about 30 fibaro devices…

AFAIK it is not possible to include the devices “unsecure” without excluding them, sorry.
To include them you have to use a trick, you have to include the devices as “Walli Switch”. Nevertheless the device will be included as the right one, just “unsecure”.

Did you check in Developer if the devices have problems with the range or connection?
However, “unreachable” does not always mean that these devices are really unreachable.

They are not unreachable. Sometimes they fail to respond… anyway, thanks for your help. I will follow your recommendations.

It’s also possible to do a range test at the device itself. Before you want to re-include all devices, it might be useful to perform this test on a device that did not respond. But I can’t say if this test is the same as the test in Developer. Furthermore you should only do this test in urgent cases.

Fibaro Single/Double Switch 2 (FGS-213 / FGS-223)

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