Greenwave node question

I have a greenwave node with 6 sockets which is working within Homey.

But i cannot figure out how the power consumption works.
Also i got 7 sockets/devices in Homey (0,1,2,3,4,5,6) but there are only 6.

Then the power consumption, only socket 1 and 2 give any power measurements, the other 4 display 0
usage, even when i plug in a heater which absolutely uses a lot of power.
When i plugin only 1 device (a heater) in the node in sock 3, 4,5 or 6) and turn it on it has 0 consumption on the chosen port, but when I look at socket 1 then there is consumption displayed, also on socket 2 but this seems always to be around 1.6 watt.
This behavior also occurs using sockets 3,4,5 and 6.
When i plug the heater in port 1 then is chose consumption, but also on socket 2 (1.6 watt). When i plug it in socket 2 i get a rather normal consumption, but this is a little bit less then what socket 1 displays (this all is only with 1 devices connected).

Is this a setting or is my power node simply defected?

The answer is NO, this behavior is because Athom has decided to remove the power-consumption-measurement, that was there in the past, it would generate too much message traffic.
Maybe the older version is still on Github, I’ve not tried that. (search the forum for Greenwave)

In Homey, there are 7 devices, 6 are the real sockets and the 7th is the Main device (common for all 6)

so the power consumption part for this device is completely useless?

What’s new?


[Structural] Complete rewrite to SDK2

[Performance] With the help of some smart workarounds we’ve reduced Z-Wave network stress generated by the Greenwave Powernode 5 and 6

[Functional] Removed meter_power capabilities from the devices


maybe the old Master works? Try it and let us know.