Greenwave Systems v.2.0 removed power capabilities

Hi all,

I noticed in the app v2 update description the following:

[Functional] Removed meter_power capabilities from the devices

Does this mean that power usage reporting is completely removed from these devices?

I use manual update for this app and are hesitating to update as I need used watt and kwh reporting on these devices.

Anyone got experience after the update?


Yes, the meter capability has been removed.
And no more polling anymore.

The be honest: this is a quick and absolutely dirty solution so they (Athom) got rid of this (legacy) app.

I would not upgrade. There is no need to upgrade. The SDK1 app runs perfectly on V2.

For those who did upgrade and want to go back. Athom’s Github history has been overwritten; so the old app is no longer available.

You can still download one of the latest versions from my github fork:

If time permits, I’ll update the app myself, with all capabilities and polling to SDK2 and make that version available on Github. And possibly in the App Store.


Because of the lack of polling the blinking green LED is also back after the set “keep-alive-time” has passed and no communication between Homey and the Greenwave device has taken place. That is really annoying, I have already submitted a support request about this and it’s being looked into.

If that wont be fixed I’d gladly use your forked version Ted!

Why were all those commits backed out? Wasn’t the app working in V2? The history of the V2-app is still available, so the version before the deletes:

If I understand correctly the app @TedTolboom linked to was an sdkv1-app?

Indeed. This is what they have done. I already made a ticket for it and the acknowledges

“The developer tells me that the power meter has been removed because this particular functionality has bad consequences for the Z-wave network as a whole. It can cause stability issues and loss of connection for (other) devices in the network. It was therefore decided to remove this functionality. I am sorry for this inconvenience”

I don’t really agree with the feedback of the developer; yes polling should be avoided as much as possible to prevent overloading the network.

But my Z-wave network is running stable here for months based on the old app, with 5 (!) Powernode-6’s

In the meantime, Athom published the old app, version 1.2.0 (minor update compared to my PN5 PR) at their repo:

I completely disagree with the response of the developer. I understand they want to minimize issues but you can’t simply remove a capability.

In my situation I use it in numerous flows to control and to ‘kill’ standby usage. And athom knows they did something wrong… otherwise they wouldn’t publish the old app :wink:

I also use 4 powernode units, have a stable z-wave network for month’s. 2 nodes poll watt usages for the washing and dryer machines that often run at the same time.

No issues or performance downgrade on Homey at all running 38 apps and 50+ devices since current stable (.13). Before I had to restart every 3 days (not because of zwave)

The only issue I still have is Homey still stuttering during speech. But we all know that Google or Alexa is going to replace this some day …

Two powernodes-1 and two powernodes-6 here and has been stable since the Greenwave app got some love from Ted about 2 years ago. I did minimize the polling by having low polling frequencies. I hope Athom at least fixes the annoying green blinking led by doing some minimal polling.

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Received an update on my support ticket today:

Good afternoon Jeroen,

I understand that this policy of ours does not please you. At the moment, we are looking into this problem that we caused and we hope to come with a solution shortly. Again I am sorry for the inconvenience that we caused.

Best Regards,

I received an update on my ticket as well. Advice from Athom is to install a previous version through CLI. According to support “the developer thinks it’s the right decision to remove this capability (and therefor reintroduce the green blinking LED)”. Appearantly it does not matter what the customer thinks.

I’m not even gonna give my personal opinion about this.

I received the same email. They also state that it’s actually against company policy. I just reinstalled the old app but for one of my nodes it is not working anymore. I guess with the installation of the 2.0 they removed something from the device itself and therefore I have to repair them. Meh…

And on top of that… I don’t think it will work in 2.x…

The constand blinking is really anoying, It will not be fixed?

Did you install the “OLD_master” branch?
I’ll check the differences with my Pr branch this evening…

Guess I’m going to build my own, proper working SDK2 version of this app. Including all polling options…

and release it to the App Store as “Better Greenwave Systems” app


Not by Athom in the version that is in the app store.

I use the 2.0.0 app from the store released 27-12-2018, that broke the perfectly working version…
If you can make a proper sdk 2 version that would be great!!!, 2 powernodes 1’s blinking like every second, really irritating in the dark. :rage:

Would very much appreciate if you do this, also having this problem with 3 Greenwave-6 and 1 Greenwave-1, thanks in advance.

Same here, I just installed the old-master version and it works again.
I had no issues whatsoever with 5 powernode-6. Which are polling for power change to powersave f.e. when my tv is turned off. It is just unacceptable to remove such functionality from an app without notice. They could have just turned off polling by default and make it optional.

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Did you already build a own version that works with polling etc?

No, not yet…
Have been working on the Xiaomi / Aqara update…

Will try to have a look at it this week.