Noob Questions about energy monitoring and other Devices/Apps

This is my third attempt with Homey - love the idea of it but just ran into show stoppers before, which are no longer an issue, I hope.

Last time it was that the App for the Secure central heating and boiler was buggy and the developer had been absent for a year and was not responding. Now moved Tado so that is not an issue.

I have about 30 Greenwave Wave sockets and about 15 Ajax Zignito Zigbee Plugs that I have been using to track energy usage around the house.

I have installed one of each into the Homey Pro.

The Greenwave only seems to be able to record current wattage not cumulative so can’t see daily usage of say a fridge or freezer. Is there some way in Homey to collect that data?

I am pretty sure I did not have this issue with the Greenwave before, so appears he App may have gone backward ?

The Ajax Zignito Zigbee Plugs will only join Homey as basic on off zigbee switches which is a real shame.

The MyEnergie App just not appear to connect with the MyEnergie service so that won’t work :frowning:

Hoping the Victron App will work that will be awesome as I have a Victron system being installed in two weeks.

The Sonos, Hue, Bosch, Dyson, Harmony, Plex, Tado all worked like a dream :slight_smile:

Yes there is!

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This is only the case for single socket devices and for the first socket of the multy socket devices.

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Support links are often present at the bottom of app store pages

That works better than frowning I guess :wink:


There’s no app for Ajax.
But, good news, it’s a Tuya rebrand.

Install the Tuya zigbee app and re-pair a socket to see what happens.

Otherwise, you can request for adding support for them to the Tuya zigbee app:

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It is, I did, not much joy, but not an issue, loads to do before it becomes an issue. :slight_smile:

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