My Nodered flow for setting lights. Is this possible with Homey?


Hi All,

Posted some questions already regarding this (point solutions) so I decided to upload the flow I currently have in Home Assistant with the question of how I can do this in Homey (preferably with a single flow).

Essentially a sensor is created which can contain multiple motion sensors. If any of those are on then turn off the timer and turn on the light. Brightness is a function that checks if it’s night (brightness to 20%) or day (brightness 100%). For some of my area’s I have more advanced brightness based on the luminance in that room. When a sensor is off (no motion detected) a timer starts running and eventually turns off the light.

Curious in how I can make this work in Homey without making a lot of flows per room


So why starting a new topic then?

Because (as I mentioned) these were point solutions in my current Nodered flow. I decided to show the entire flow to show the end goal I have.

I have an app that can do what you ask. Allows grouping of sensors and then choosing what the status of the group is based off the results.

Ie I any are on, all are on, more than half are on … for Boolean items like lights and motion sensors. Or average (mean,mode,median, min, max) for other devices. (Ie Temperature/ dimmer)

Contact me if you can install through cli - otherwise im hoping to have a alpha in a couple of days.


Hey thanks. I’ll give it a go. Let me know how to install.

Thanks again!

Looking forward to this app that group sensors!

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I’m actually looking for some pre-alpha testers, if anyone is interested and is comfortable installing an app via CLI :

I don’t get it… This looks like an exact copy from Device Groups. Nothing added regarding motion sensors…

Also had to delete the “old” version which then deleted my device groups. :frowning:

Make sure that you checkout the alpha branch, not the master branch.

This branch is 26 commits ahead of swttt:master.

Sorry to hear you had to delete the ‘old’ version, if you check out the alpha branch - that wont happen, though that’s a bit late now.

Haha, no big deal. Still in Alpha phase here regarding Homey. Home Assistant runs everything outside my own lab :slight_smile:

hows development going for this app? whats the name actually?

Its stable and awaiting merging into the main branch, you can read more here :

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