[APP][Pro] < group > (3.2.4 - Stable)

Message me your email :slight_smile:

I would like to be a tester, too.

Sign me up also! :slight_smile:
Need working groups before I upgrade to V2…

Sign me up too! Great!

Just a reminder, you’ll need to send me your email address to be added to the alpha.

I would like To test

Then read 1 post above urs!

Would like to test for you!
See DM.

The beta has been approved by Athom.

Please note, that this is a beta, and has such it will act as a beta. It is not currently possible to change between beta and stable with our uninstalling the app which will remove all devices and break any flows with said devices.

If you just want your groups on v2 then have a think about whether or not you want to wait for the stable release. If you want the latest (untested) features and enhancements and are willing to put up with some inconveniences such as your old (v1) groups will not be upgraded, the occasional bug etc, then the beta is for you.

Please consider carefully before installing and feedback is encouraged.

Click here for the beta


Is this beta compatible with 1.5.13?

Hey @Rob it is not, however I do have a version of the app which was working on 1.5.13 - if your happen to install with the CLI - I can set you up. Contact me and let me know.


I’ll wait for the stable v2 release and then switch. Thanks for the quick reply.

I just did some basic testing with the new app, works good so far.

I was expecting(or maybe hoping) that it was possible to groups different (or the same) devices together even if they don’t support all selected capabilities. I would love the possibility to create a single group for my living room devices, which would include hue color spots, ikea white spots and osram smart plugs. My idea is that all these devices support on/off, but dimming changes would only apply to devices with that capability, same idea for color changing…

Adding the ability to create a dynamic groups is something i’ve thought about and may be available in a future update :soon: - After Homey v2.0 is stable.

I installed your v2 version and it seems to work quite good.

It seems I hit a bug maybe… could also be an issue from the Homey App on the phone.

I’ve made a group for the lights in my living room. Once created I go into that device, modify the device (gear icon), advanced settings, select Devices and it just shows a white screen after which the app crashes.

I have a similar issue with my own app, so if you know how to resolve can you share?

Athom have released v2.0.0-rc.7 which should fix this issue.

Homey v2.0.0-rc.7:

[Core] Added Insights — Visit https://insights.athom.com on your desktop or tablet
[Core] Add support for "uiComponent": null
[Core] Fixed a bug where Flows would not start
[Core] Fixed a bug where 'Sunset/Sunrise starts in ...' would not work
[Core] Fixed a bug where advanced device settings would crash the app
[Core] Fixed a bug where installing updates would error
[Core] Fixed various bugs

Updated now to rc7. Great, that part now shows again.
If I add a “your notes” in your app, hit the [Checkmark] button it says “Settings were saved”. Though when I reenter that setting it is not saved. One time it saved a text, though all the other 10 times it did not.

Hmm, it seems that “saving settings” is really slow (Or I’m expecting too much)…
Can confirm it does store the settings.

I think perhaps you should put in a bug report with Athom.

Please let them know that it is a standard homey advance setting field, defined with in the app.json with no additional code applied and no event emitters/watchers.

(Just in case they tell you to talk to the author of the app).

Personally I am not experiencing that issue (on iOS).

Reported and confirmed to be a bug by Athom. They said they are working on it.