How to bundle Tradfri Gu10 and dim them together

Hi i have 15 gu10 tradfri spots in my living.

But how can i din them all together to a certain level?


You could try zones. If al bulbs are in the same zone you can use the zone cards. Also with devices/ a sensor changed/ lamp and at the IF part, logic is exact Livingroom and at the THEN part dim to…

I would advise the < group > app by Jamie Peake.

With this app you can group all kind of devices, including lights :slight_smile:

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The group app does the job, but it gives a huge delay to the response time of the lights. When turning on or off/ dimming /etc

So I should control them one by one in your flows. Takes more time to create a flow, but the response time is almost immediately;)

Any delays you experience in the group app are from homey itself (your antenna can only send one signal at a time). So kinda odd your flows are faster …

Or make a scene in the hue app… (if you use the bridge)