My VD is showing the wrong state of device


Just go my homey pro yesterday and have been moving from a defect fibaro hc2, I really love this system so far and the simplicity and user friendly style.

Now to my question, I have divided my house in different zones with lightning etc
I created a VD button to control all the lights in the rooms with status change

I then created a flow that when pushed the status would change.

First I tried to set it up
lightning room pressed/changed
philips hue is turned on
turn all lights off in a room
turn all lights on in a room

now that works, but when the lights are on the button is dimmed in the app and when they are off the button is lit…which isnt what I wanted so I tried

lightning room pressed/changed
(device)Light are turned off in room
turn on all lights in room
turn off all lights

now I thought that would take care of my problem, but its the exact same situation…
Could anybody help me in the right direction?

I don’t use this but I think you have to make a virtual switch and not the virtual button

This can work but only if the button is the only device u change the state with. Make sure the button is dimmed and the lights are off. That way it works like u want. When changing the state of the lamp with another device (Like Hue phone app or Hue dimmer switch) the button state will not change with it.
So when button is dimmed turn off the lights with another device .

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@Rocodamelshekima I thought that as well, so I turned the lights out with my hue app in order to get into the “right” state, but when I pressed the VD nothing happened…so it waited until the state was in the “wrong” state and then it work again…

@Marcel_Ubels I will try one and see if that works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Works here

I tried a new one and before I linked it to a flow I turned if off, that seemed to have worked :slight_smile: so gonna change all of them :slight_smile:

hello pacho,

looks like you are getting the help you need with the flow,
but while reading this it looks like you are trying to group certain lights?
since you also said you are a proud new owner of homey just want to mention that there is also a app for creating groups with homey .

< groups >

maybe this will solve your problem? hope it helps

@Jos_van_Emmerik Hi sorry for my delay :slight_smile: been so much stuff to fix and configure :slight_smile:

I have tried and downloaded groups, but I added one group of lights, then I wanted to create another and wasnt able to?

Also is it possible to group different items together?as for my cinema I would like to group curtains, lights, projector, receiver etc

You should be able to just at other groups as a new device.

if it is possible to add those different types off devices i don’t know i would ask that question in [APP] < group > (2.4.2 - Stable) maybe the developer himself can answer that question for you!

You can create as many groups as you would like.

Grouping devices with different capabilities (create a group with on/off plug, lights, colourer lights, dimmer lights etc into the one group), or in your case all your devices in the room, is possible, there is alread even a ticket for it : and I would happily add it if there is enough demand.