Issue with Philips Hue flow to activate a zone only

Hi guys,

I’m new in the forum and hope it’s the good place to post this.
I’m experiencing an issue with a Hue flow. I want to activate the lights of a specific zone. I have some lights in my living room, and I have created a zone which is actually in the living room too, but with a lower amount of lights, to create a more cosy ambiance.
I use the card Turn on all the light in Group, I select the good group. But it switch on, all the lights of my living room, instead of the zone only.
When I do it in the Hue app, no problem so seems I have no issue in the Hue configuration (!?!?)

Thanks for your help !

Please show the flows and which Homey you have

What version of the Homey app do you have? I am running the test version and have noticed that it no longer sees hue Zones, still sees Hue Rooms though

I run on a Homey Pro Early 2023.
Version is : 10.2.1

This is the Homey firmware version.
I think Philip meant which Homey Hue app version :wink:

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Sorry :slight_smile:
I run on 5.9.3

Ok, I had wondered if this change happened when I switched to the test version, seems not. I have had to redo several Hue Rooms in the Hue Phone app and then redo the flows to reflect this to regain the effects I had had happening automatically. Currently don’t know if the problem has anything to do with Homey or whether Hue have changed something at their end