Problem start hue scene via homey

Hi there!

Sometimes I get a problem when activating a hue scene via a homey flow.
Some lights won’t turn on or turn on at just 1% brightness.
When I use the Philips hue app to active the same scene there is never a problem.

Who can help me?

I got the same problem with hue lights and a FoH switch that got trigged by the Hue bridge. When I use the app its not.

Tommorow I will build an advance flow to fix this

Alright! So I’m not the only one with this problem.

Do you use the FoH switch directly or via Homey right now. Because then we know if it’s a problem with Homey or not.

did you fix it?

Defently with the Homey trigger. I also control the light by Hue with other buttons on the same FoH Niko device. So give me a couple of days and I will look at it if its on both

Yesterday It did i also on the button that is programed in HUE only. I got in whole my house Hue lights. Something programmed in Hue en with extra flows in Homey. Only this room had those problems