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Balboa - Stay connected to your spa from anywhere

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Control your Balboa Spa with this app.

Current features:

  • Get spa status
  • Set temperature
  • Toggle heater mode
  • Lock/unlock panel
  • Control Jets, Blowers and Lights

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

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Live version and Test version

Changelog can be viewed on the app page.

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Just wondering if anyone out there has any idea about the possibility of connecting Homey to Balboa’s “ControlMySpa” application? Balboa’s own app leaves quite a lot to wish for and it would be lovely to be able to control the spa bath through the Homey app. Seems like someone has done it for Home Assistant but can’t really find anything for Homey?

Thanks for any ideas on this one🙏

Kind Regards,

There’s a Node.JS module: Victor Vlasák / ControlMySpaJs · GitLab

So all you need is a developer to write an app for it.

Thanks Robert!

Not being a developer myself - do you think this would be a relatively straightforward work?

The module looks relatively straightforward, so shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sounds promising so far… any idea of a skilled and willing developer to contact?:grinning:

@Mart_76 If you’re looking for a dev. I can do it :slight_smile:

Other apps I made:

Thanks for the offer!

Might definitely be of Interest. How would we proceed from here, in that case? I know a few developers but a ’Homey app expert’ doesn’t sound bad at all😀

@Mart_76 I need some credentials to test the integration.
Not sure if you can share the device with other people (lots of smart home apps do that).

In that way I can check the data and start working on the app.

Then I’ll create a first version and you will be able to test it out :slight_smile:

Edit: ofcourse if you want to share any account details let’s do that in a DM

Thanks again!

Please let me come back in a DM very soon👍

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App is live :smiley:

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Oh this saves me a bit! Though still waiting deliver of our CMS, so will take some time before I can test this. Sent a couple of Paypal beers ;).

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Thanks @OH2TH.
And also for your donation. Really appreciated :smiley:

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New app update (test: 1.1.0):

  • NEW: add online and ready state

How to test: click above url and install the test version :slight_smile:


@Mike1233 fixed :smiley:

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