MQTT Hub/Gateway

pro audience has to buy 400 dollar homey pro
IMHO a missed chance

if the bridge is capable off doing it
why not allowing it

Would it be possible to connect Smappee with Homey wit this app?

From what I’ve read:
According to the PDF, it can connect with the MQTT Broker app and send msgs on topics to Homey Pro.

And f.i. by using the MQTT client app, you can trigger flows by matching topic msgs received, or send msgs in topics.

Or use MQTT devices with MQTT topics linked to Homey device capabilities.

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I have no idea what to do…:see_no_evil:
I just want to have the Smappee info in Homey, can someone give me an “manual” how to set this up?

These are how-to’s to connect with other apps, it’s the same principle. Maybe you can work things out from here :wink:

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Sorry, don’t understand any of it… :see_no_evil:

An app for it would be nice…:rofl::joy:

Can someone please give me a hint - I’m able to get via MQTT Device (of MQTT Hub) successfully standard types of attributes for existing devices and somehow simulate what is not a standard device (eg. “sensor” having two temperatures, car being a device, with Motion false/true, Locked via General alarm etc.) - but how to achieve eg. if I would like to have a device, which is showing in TEXT for example mode of operations (eg. standby, heating, cooling etc. - it’s pellet stove). I don’t want to simulate Thermostat. Is the only way how to achieve it via variables and “Trigger when a message is received on” ?

And second question, when using this topics, labels got ignored…is it bug or feature ?

  "measure_temperature": {
    "capability": "measure_temperature",
    "stateTopic": "haassohn/0/device/istemp",
    "commandTopic": "",
    "valueTemplate": "",
    "outputTemplate": "",
    "displayName": "Current temperature"
  "measure_temperature.1": {
    "capability": "measure_temperature",
    "stateTopic": "haassohn/0/device/sptemp",
    "commandTopic": "",
    "valueTemplate": "",
    "outputTemplate": "",
    "displayName": "Target temperature"
  "onoff": {
    "capability": "onoff",
    "stateTopic": "haassohn/0/device/prg",
    "commandTopic": "haassohn/0/device/prg",
    "valueTemplate": "",
    "outputTemplate": "",
    "displayName": "Is oven on ?"


Thank you.

Kudos for this wonderful app, excellent stuff.

I really wonder, such great app and nobody is able to comment ? :frowning:

Btw, would anyone have some examples on how to use value template, eg. for Vacuum claner states (vacuumcleaner_state) - seems I’m getting numbers while Homey expects cleaning/docked etc.

Hi Sharkys,

regarding your second questions I experienced the same if I have modified the code in the advanced setting (Advanced Topics) after I created the MQTT Device.
So try to create it with the right syntax, capabilities etc… and don´t touch the topic code. Having that in mind I was able to use have the labels shown in device.

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I have another issue.
I want to trigger a flow when a capability of a MqTT device is smaller than a give number
e.g. If a sensor humidity is less than 15 % than… (humidity is shown in the MQTT Device and available in flows) but the flow is never triggered

Anybody have an idea what I have to change?

I’d try when ability changed and variable is then 15…

in this picture I wanted to work with string messages, so I used track ability.

Feature request: as of Home Assistant 2021.12 they finally introduced the button entity. That means HA can now make a distinction between switches (on/off) and buttons (click). Until now, Homey virtual buttons that are broadcasted with MQTT are discovered as switches by HA. Is it possible to broadcast Homey switches as switches to HA and buttons as buttons?

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I’m using mqtt to feed my grafana dashboard from multiple devices. I also want to add a couple of homey devices via mqtt. I’ve installed the mqtt app and I’m using mosquitto as external broker. If I read the instruction I see:

“use the MQTT broker app from Homey the app sotre or configure an external broker”. I’m missing a probably quite obvious part, where do I set the external broker address in the app? Apparently I’m completely missing it.

in the MQTT client

Do use your own mosquito broker and not the internal / Homey App. This is because the internal one doesn’t support retention of payloads.

It is quite complicated to configure message exchange between your mosquitto and internal MQTT client, which you will eventually need - it’s better to connect your homey client to external mosqitto and live with just one broker.

Question, i’ve setup the connection between Home assistant and Homey. i can toggel devices and get all readings of temprature sensors. i’ve put al sensors in the respective areas and am trying to make use of the new area card Area Card - Home Assistant the lights and switches are displayed, but the temprature isnt (there are multiple temprature readings in the specific area). anybody has an clue or hint?

Since a while, I am having difficulties with MQTT in combination with Home Assistant (for dashboard purposes).

At some point HA seems to loose connection with Homey. Devices freeze in HA, cannot be switched on/off (the switch then automatically returns to it’s previous state without any change in Homey) and changes in Homey don’t come through to HA.

Only thing that helps is turning off all devices in MQTT Hub, broadcasting, switching all devices back on and broadcast again.
Previously I used the MQTT broker on my Synology NAS, but have switched now to the MQTT broker as app on my Homey: same problem.

Anyone any idea how to solve this?
I have made and send in a diagnostic report, if @HarriedeGroot would be so kind to help as well…

I’ve seen this behaviour only after restart of HA. Could be also after Homey restart (not sure about this).
In this case I have to send all devices again with a broadcast.