Switch from Home-Assistant

Hey everyone,

A long time ago i had a Homey V1, i enjoyed working with it, but it was at 100% very quick with all the apps and flows and it became very sluggish so i searched for something else. I did end up with Home-Assistant, i’ve migrated everything to Home-Assistant and it’s now controlling my home for a year. It works, certainly Node-Red, but i notice it isn’t that stable after all, releases break a lot of things, components stop working and the automation part in Node-Red is a LOT of work. And then i didn’t talk about all the connected devices like a Z-Wave USB controller, a 433 Controller etc.

So i was thinking, would it be wise to switch back to Homey (pro)? Is there anyone here that made the switch from Home-Assistant to Homey? And did you like it?


I use both, all the hardware en automations is for homey, and the interface/control for home assistant, MQTT Hub is really great app.
also started with v1 in the beginning and is now a lot better.

about 60 devices and 100 flow’s and all stable!

Interesting! How did you link HA and Homey? Sounds very helpful during migration!

I use the Mqtt hub app: https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.hdg.mqtt

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