How to set a virtual motion sensor

I am trying to trigger virtual motion sensor via a Fibaro switch using a flow. I assume I need to use a card “Set a virtual sensor value” but I don’t understand what to put here.

Please advice, I have not find any tutorial on this

Thanks Johan

IF fibaro switch is triggered

  • Be aware! “alarm_motion” is case sensitive.
    So “Alarm_motion” will not set the status of your virtual motion sensor
  • And dont forget to also switch it off. Otherwise you zone will stay active and the next switch will be missed… (with a delay or triggered by the fibaro switch)

If you want to make a virtual contact sensor

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You will find more devices in the thread of the virtual devices app itself

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@Peter_Kawa one guy seems to be particularly fond of virtual sensors :grinning:

@Peter_Kawa what is measure_gust_angle ?
Update: ah Ok that is direction of the wind right?

Thanks all!


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Haha, you think so? :grin:
Measure_gust_angle is de direction the wind gusts are coming from I think.
There’s also measure_wind_angle.
I didn’t know wind gusts can differ from the wind direction :upside_down_face:

Super! I have been using the SDK, but did not find this yet.

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Maybe it supports a tornado detection system :rofl:

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