[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

I need some help… :frowning:

I have curtains that I control via infrared (via harmony hub).

Now I have created a virtual device with which I can control the curtains

Device on. curtains closed
Device off.
Curtains open

I already made this device when virtual devices could not use so many different classes.

I also use google home and now have to say curtains on / off.

I prefer to say curtains open/close.

So I created a new virtual device with the class curtains.

My button on the curtains works within homey, only google knows does not find this device.
How can I solve this so that I can just say: Curtains open/close

Create a routine in Ghome, and make sure it listens to: hey doodle, open curtain X.
Then let that routine trigger your curtain button .off on Homey and the other way round for “close”

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Question, I’ve a rollershutter which doesn’t provide the exact position, or to be more precise, it only provides going down, going up, inactive, bottom & top. So the intermediate position is missing. Are there any tipps how to display and use the position of a rollershutter VD? The issue is mainly on the positioning screen, e.g. if I choose 20% I don’t know what to do but it’s choosable in the app. That’s strange from UI point of view and nobody understand that you have to choose either 100% or 0% and anything else is forbidden. However the position (top/down) is helpful as you know where the rollershuter stands, even tough the intermediate states are missing. That’s the reason why I want to display them.

EDIT: so at the end, is it somehow possible to have a limited positioning screen? I only need Top/Down/50% (which stands for somewhere in between 100 & 0%). Ah and optionally a information that the rollershutter is running would be great to :slight_smile: , but that’s really optional.

Is it possible to create a virtual sensor device and add multiple temperature readings in it?
I want one virtual device on my home screen with temperature readings for multiple rooms.

Unfortunately that is not possible. You have to create a separate virtual device for each room. You can only summarize several temperatures (App “groups”) and, for example, display the average temperature.

Not with 3 x the word ‘Temperature’
Then it is possible, for the web app only (big tile view)
I created a virtual sensor, and selected Temperature, Humidity(luchtvochtigheid) and Windgust angle (Windstoot richting).
Why those? They have the least ‘strange’ extension compared to °C, and they can display a “standard” temperature range.

So, from top to bottom you see the temperature of my:

3 Flows for setting each individual temperature:

Thanks! That’s smart, and one way to do it :slight_smile:
But to get the wife and kids to understand the difference between temperature in room 1 and 2 is maybe not so easy in 1-2 months ahead :smiley:

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Haha, thanks. I just thought, you could rename the device as [Room1 Room2 Room3] for instance, and display them from top to bottom.
But the km/h indicator should go :rofl:
But I get your point. Maybe Arjan, the dev, can add sensor ‘Temperature2’ and ‘Temperature3’ one day. :upside_down_face:

Yeah that would be nice :smiley: While waiting :crossed_fingers:, I’ll use your setup… Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome, Mats. I liked this puzzle!

Hello, to my experience in these days you can only add that devices… no ways

First i am really happy with this app.
Now i have added a new device with volume options.
How can i make i flow that send de volume options to a ir blaster?

Using a volume slider is kinda possible, but won’t work very well imho. It sends only 1 command at a time, which is: step up (or down) to the IR blaster.
For a Tuya wifi2IR unit, I’ve created a Vol+ and a Vol- virtual knob to control my receiver

yamaha IR

I want to use these buttons.


Maybe you can re-use the flow I created long time ago to build a volumebutton for my chromecast

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Ping :wink:

Hello @Arie_Laxed
it is possible to add a Solar-VD which is shows on top of the energy screen.
But I haven’t found a smart meter VD. Only default energy/power sensors, which are shows as devices.

Is it possible to add a new device type “smart meter” with option “cumulative”: true to add a virtual smart meter which is shows on top of the energy screen showing the overall usage of the house?


it is possible also for the energy meter? I set up my smartmeter with mqtt as a VD energy meter.

I’m not sure what you mean, but a measure_power VD is available

In Dutch, “Vermogen” = Power (current power usage)
(Don’t use “Energiemeter” = Power meter (total power) for this)

Virtual Device:


Hi, sure, but it is only one consumer (like plugs) which are shown im the energy screen in their zone.
A smartmeter would be shown on top.