Zone Activity

Hi I used to see zone activity on the app, it would tell me when a device in this zone was last active, in minutes.

I no longer see this, anyone else have this issue?

Some more info.

I still need help, i have a fibaro universal sensor attached to a PIR. I was hoping that this could trigger a zone movement.

Is this possible.

I see no motion and/or door/windows sensors, the only 2 capabilities that can activate a zone.

And no, not directly, you’ll have to work with the virtual devices app, and add a door sensor capability with that, and couple them with flows
The universal sensor only has “generic” alarm, as it can/could be anything

Thanks, I’ve added the virtual devices app and have created a motion sensor button.

The flow I’m looking to create is

When the universal sensor (Fibaro) input 1 closes then switch on lights. Zone is living room :white_check_mark:

When theare is no activity in the living room for 60 mins turn lights off. This is the part I’m struggling with. Could you help.

When I’m creating a flow it’s asking for a value.


Use the Chronograph app to start a countdown for 60 min when you turn on the light. Reset/start the countdown when a motion is detected.

Thanks @ktd, im wondering how i get my fibaro universal sensor to trigger the virtual devices when the sensor is switched.

Im assuming its done by a flow but not sure how to achieve this.

Ah, sorry. I haven’t done that but I was intrigued so I gave it try. I hope I understood you better this time. :slight_smile:

I installed the app Virtual Devices and added a Sensor with the motion attribute in the room you want activity in.

Then I created a flow,

You will need to replace the When… card I have used for your Fibaro PIR sensor.
In the Then… section you add the Virtual sensor and for the Sensor text you want to enter alarm_motion and for the Value text you want to enter true.


This will set the motion to true want your PIR activates.
I have added a second Then… card to change the status back to not true after a delay of 2 sec. The Virtual sensor will make the zone where it is placed in active.

Use the zone activity or the Virtua lsensor as trigger in a flow to build your routins.

I don’t know how your Fibaro device work and reports activity but you might be able to do something with this?

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Thank you so much @ktd, that works perfect, great advice

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: Have a nice evening.

Hi i also have a temperature probe attached to the fibaro univeral sensor and id like to create a flow where if the temp drops below a certain level it switches a heater on using a wifi plug. Once a certain temp has been reached the heater switches off.

Is this possible, would i used the virtual device app again?


Flow 1

When temp changed
And logic temp is lower then…
Then switch plug on
Then disable flow 1
Then enable flow 2

Flow 2

When temp changed
And logic is higher then
Then switch plug off
Then enable flow 1
Then disable flow 2

What’s the thought behind
Disable flow 1 and enable flow 2 etc…

Is this to save cycles? Or just being thorough?

Wel. If the plug is switch on when is lower then for example 10.

When temp goes to 9.9 9.8 7 5.6 it also want to switch on the plug

Will always trigger the flow, no matter what

Well, when the first flow is fired the 2nd flow will be enabled. And has the same “When temp changed” trigger so will trigger anyway.

trigger anyway

WHEN temp changed AND is less then 20 THEN turn heater on ELSE turn heater off .
Will trigger the same amount.

When its cold, yell to the wife turn the heater on.
Zero triggers at homey.

Lot of ways, the 2 flows is the way i would make the flow.