Multiple motion sensors with homey zone activation?

I have 4 motion sensors in my living room under a separate zone so I decided to try use Homey new zone activation but ran into a snag

Home-> Living Room -> motiob Sensor zone

My use case is if there is motion in any sensor in that zone , AND is 6pm to 6 am turn on cove light.

so I basically did the obvious if motion sensor zone became active turn on light.

if between 6pm to 6 am and cove light not already on

Then turn on cove light

set it up and as 6pm went by it didnt turn on light even though my motion sensors were working.

I then realised a flaw, the zone was already active at 559 pm so it never became active!
after that?

is there a solution?

the only I and think of is set up an additional flow if zone was active for 1 min … is that the only way?

Similar the reverse flow, turn off light if zone became inactive between 6pm to 6am also runs into same problem

Or WHEN time is 1800 AND zone is active THEN turn on the cove
Just as an extra flow.

ah thanks that sounds better.

Btw a related question, is there a way to add AND home (any zone) is activated?

I’m trying to add an additional flow so if there is no motion/ room not activated it will announce and start countdown for 60s unless it detects motion within that.

How do I add a flow that stops the countdown? I tried this

edit nvm