[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

I want to use these buttons.


Maybe you can re-use the flow I created long time ago to build a volumebutton for my chromecast

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Hello @Arie_Laxed
it is possible to add a Solar-VD which is shows on top of the energy screen.
But I haven’t found a smart meter VD. Only default energy/power sensors, which are shows as devices.

Is it possible to add a new device type “smart meter” with option “cumulative”: true to add a virtual smart meter which is shows on top of the energy screen showing the overall usage of the house?


it is possible also for the energy meter? I set up my smartmeter with mqtt as a VD energy meter.

I’m not sure what you mean, but a measure_power VD is available

In Dutch, “Vermogen” = Power (current power usage)
(Don’t use “Energiemeter” = Power meter (total power) for this)

Virtual Device:


Hi, sure, but it is only one consumer (like plugs) which are shown im the energy screen in their zone.
A smartmeter would be shown on top.

Really like this app and use is allot. Now I’m running to an issue (I want something that isn’t possible).

Let’s say I making a virtual sensor. And use power (kWh) and I want to have more than one inside this. Is there a possibility to get more than 1 of the same inside a device?

It’s something like this (power by the hour)

< group > app



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Hello everybody,

I would like to update the alarm_contact capability of a virtual sensor using homeyScript (I basically call an API that returns if door is open or closed and I want to update the open/closed status) but as stated in a previous post it’s blocked somehow by the Virtual Device app (capabilities are not settable).

Did anyone manage to do such thing ? any advice .


Maybe if you describe in a broader way what you want to do, it’s easyer to help you?

Is it possible to add the option on/off to device class sensor?
With that option I can combine virtual light switches with luminance. Now I have to create one virtual device for both.


Not sure where you want to go, but this way I combine an OnOff switch and luminance in one device

I have seen this option but it does not work for what I want.

What I want is a virtual light switch that measures the luminance of a sensor that triggers that light switch when the luminance is blow a certain level.

I just added now a virtual device with device class light like you mentioned. When I create a flow like I have done multiple times for virtual sensors for setting a value for a virtual sensor It doesn’t work.

luminance(helderheid) of my aqara sensor.

I also can’t choose a status indicator for this device. Not adjustable.

Ah, now I see what you’d like.
A sensor, in this case Luminance, and its device tile should be capable to switch on / off by pressing it.
A virtual light device, with a pre-selectable sensor function in it, so you could feed a Luminance value to it.
Only Arjan can say if this is even possible.

What I want is a virtual device that is visible on or off with a luminance value.
I hope Arjan can make this happen.

Thanks for thinking with me.

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about your flow, this works:

I always make a temporary notification with the value which is feeded to the virtual sensor.

I have multiple flows for several virtual devices running without any problems.
Only today I got the idea to combine them with light switches.

I’m on Homey Bridge. Coming from the Zipato ecosystem. Right now I’m missing Virtual Devices, like switches etc in Homey. Are you planning to make an Bridge version available?