How to set a virtual device boolean (cont.)

Other questions did not clarify this, or I missed something. I’m trying to set the alarm of a virtual device with a flow (motion_alarm capability was selected). However, I could not find any value that was accepted (Ja, ja, true, True, Waar, waar, 01, 0). How can I set this boolean?


It works slightly differently.
At “sensor” you literally fill in the sensor capability yourself, alarm_motion
Screenshot from 2023-03-23 02-38-51

and at “value” look up the tag of the motion alarm . The value of that tag is true or false
Screenshot from 2023-03-23 02-39-12

The capability can be found on the developer page, search for the device whose [motion alarm] tag you use:

Is this a Dutch topic? :see_no_evil: Please translate your helpfull information.

Thx Peter. Only this doesn’t eliminate the error.



Moreover, what would be the card to switch off the alarm?

What you have as the tag now should be what the value needs to be (true, false or a Boolean tag of another device that it needs to follow/mimick).

What you are trying to do now is set the value to the same value, as that value has never been set yet, it will be “null” (no value) which isn’t a valid value.

Thx, totally correct and that was the question that was unanswered. The remaining question is however what the correct syntax then should be, because no matter what I’m trying the flow keeps throwing an error.
Sensor = “alarm_motion = true” (meaning ID = true/false)
Waarde = “Bewegingsalarm” (meaning device capability)

No, the “Sensor” should be only the capability ID, and the “Value” the value that capability has to be, so like this:
Sensor: alarm_motion
Value: true, false or the to follow tag

Of course! Because the card itself was already pointing to the device (in my case PIR-20) and using the tag “Bewegingsalarm” would be redundant. Thx for you help!

Just as suggestion, perhaps Advanced Virtual Devices from Device Capabilities, fit you better: There might be a little learning steps, but flowcards are build based on your naming of properties, thus, making flowcards (way) more readable, imho.

But it depends on your further needs ofc.